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Three Boos for Women’s Football by Mrs Vera West

The assault on manhood continues unabated. Men are not permitted to have any territory of their own, and the feminist/gender agenda, is unrelenting and remorseless.
The latest inroad into manhood is women’s football, which has kicked off here in Melbourne, with the AFL opener between Carlton and Collingwood being played at Princes Park. Yes, 24,500 people turned up, making it a full house. But many, like my sons, just came for the curiosity value.

Of course, the usual female journalists, covering the women’s issues saw this as a “coup for women in footy uniform.” (The Weekend Australian, February 11-12, 2017, p.21) How many coups are needed? Is there any end to this? And, why? Why is it necessary to feminise absolutely everything in the universe?

Football is tough and rugged, with hard knocks and it is expected to be. It’s the culture. Injuries occur in almost every game. Like it or not, it is a pressure valve for the oppressed masses who exist as wage slaves, our tame version of the bread and circuses gladiator matches of ancient Rome, serving the same purpose: social control.

If women’s football is to be more than just feminist affirmative action tokenism, then it will need to embrace the violence, action and brutality of men’s football, just to keep the crowds in.
I predict that it will not happen. Women’s football will become just like women’s soccer and cricket, after the novelty wears off.



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Thursday, 16 July 2020
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