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This Is How Our World Ends… By Peter West

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
T. S. Eliot, “The Hollow Men,” (1925)

     My mother Vera is too ill to write her usual column, having taken the Yes victory rather badly: 61.6 percent Yes, to 38.4 percent No.  Hopefully, her heart medications will keep her going, and hold together a shattered heart. She really believed that “Christian Australia” would arise, one last time. Poor darling.

     Let’s just think this through a bit, accepting that there was probably a lot of vote diddling, but the No side was too cucked to jump on this when it occurred. I have read all the well wishes given by many of the No leaders to the Yes side, and think that there needs to be some spirited opposition, however futile in this cucked, oh so polite, culture.

     So, the vast majority of Australians are supporting the undermining of an institution as old as humanity itself. The vast majority of Australians openly accept cultural Marxism.  Don’t tell me otherwise, for the arguments opposing this were out there, even though the No side did not get a fair hearing. Wallace Klink, writing in On Target, 10 November, 2017 summed it all up concisely, and his words are well worth repeating here:

“The more blatant recent militant effort to establish homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. as the new norm for society, of which the larger part is to be bullied by legal and administrative harassment should they prefer to distance themselves from this anomaly, has a sinister pedigree and far-reaching implications.  It derives from communist revolutionary ideology promoted by organizations such as the ultra radical Marxist Frankfurt School which has, while the somnolent masses were sleeping, for decades been insinuating into the educational system its corrosive ideas and influence, so as to shape the thinking of a whole generation of young people without them even suspecting what was being done to condition their minds.  The Western Nations, were considered to be incapable of making a Revolution for themselves, so it was decided to do it for them by subversive social transformation, i.e., Cultural Marxism.

“The Frankfurt School was dedicated to the utter destruction of ‘exploitative bourgeois capitalist society’. This involved establishment of a rigidly egalitarian or equalitarian social order—something which obviously could be attempted only by force, administered via the State. The Frankfurt ideologues and strategists envisaged a world of imposed ‘equality’ as a general foundational principle.  Men and women were to become ‘equal’ and to this end the family would have to be destroyed as the greatest obstacle to their policy. Marriage itself, with its implied values of ‘fidelity’ had therefore to be eliminated and children were to be raised by the State which would indoctrinate them without ‘corrupting bourgeois’ parental opposition or influence.

“Such was (is) the ‘Brave New World’ envisaged by the Frankfurt School, erected upon the new Religion of Equality. Never mind that such a world would be founded on envy and create social and economic stasis, which universal equality by its intrinsic nature inevitably would produce—even if it were possible—which, of course, being an abstract Utopian conception it is not.

“Communism professes to be scientific materialism—founded on pure reason, unimpeded by ‘irrational bourgeois sentimentality’. This cold-blooded dogma permitted their fanatical leaders and indoctrinated followers to liquidate something in the order of one-hundred millions of innocent non-conformists and recalcitrants over the past century. When the new generation of radical legalists and bureaucrats come for your children, do not be surprised and do not expect any accommodation or mercy. The process is already well under way.”

      Yes, the people are easily deceived, but so what, that is a constant in this game.

Conclusion: this is dumocracy. All of those old salt Freedom Movement types basing their life essence on We, the People, (e.g. CIR), need to think again, because we really are dealing with sheeple here. The problem now is “we the people,” and dysgenics:

      The referendum on Aboriginal recognition, complete with an Aboriginal super-parliament, plus a  hyper-section 18 C in the Constitution, is just a heartbeat away.

     Here is a vision for the future, operating on the Peter West principle: we would not have anticipated that they would achieve all of their cultural war changes 50 years ago, so what will they achieve now, given that their ultimate goal is to wipe traditionalists out, and the momentum now is unstoppable? After all, in the more advanced US, it has already come to blood.

     The major parties will be fired up for rounds of new anti-discrimination and politically correct legislation, and it will get in. Organisations such as this one will be banned within five years. Anyone who even agreed with anti-regime thought will be marched off to re-education camps, although Australian society today, as one “On Target” article put it, already is one.  I imagine that down the track the death penalty will be re-introduced for white “racists,” that term  being defined as any white person who in any way, at any time (even 70 years ago), opposes anything the establishment does not love.  Among the prohibited items must be financial reform, so expect social credit folk to be rounded up and either executed or placed in camps. In my nightmare, all that is likely to take place in the next five years or less. That will be only the very beginning, for we simply cannot anticipate what is in store.  And, the majority of Australians, will support any regime proposals at all steps along the way, or just continue to be apathetic, unless alcohol was banned.

     Ok, cross out “democracy,” it is but ashes.

     What about the churches and religion, at least Christianity? The churches, long ago permeated by cultural Marxism could have REALLY fought this. They could have battled feminism in the 1960s, but they did not, merely accommodated it. The Catholic Church could have pulled out a spare billion from the “Vatican Billions”:
 and had a ripper of a No campaign. But, it did not. Many Protestant churches, such as the one a stone’s throw from where I am now writing, openly supported Yes. Christians make up 52 percent of the Australian population, and the greater majority of the Australian population are over 18.  Hence a sizable percent of Christians must have voted Yes, the Social Justice Warrior set.

     The Christian church has long ago surrendered to cultural Marxism. This may be painful for some to accept, but adults have to face hard bitter reality.  I would suggest that genuine God-fearing Bible-believing Christians worship with family and friends in home churches, just as the early Christians did.  Let a corrupt institution naturally rot and decay.  It already is, so don’t worry too much about religious freedom issues, for religious freedom too has gone. Time to return to the grassroots, underground.

     The same pessimistic diagnosis has to be made for the wider Australian society. The Yes vote would be even higher if not for Australia’s multicult mix, proved by multicult NSW having the highest No vote for any state, of 42 percent. There is thus no Australian society any more, nothing common binding us, just a corporate state armed with guns promoting resource consumption.  No history, no tradition. Nothing. You will see Australia Day go next, then ANZAC DAY, then the flag, with merely token opposition from the dregs of traditional Australia. We are not alone in this dispossession, for we are seeing it too in the US with the drive to remove historical statues. It is all on the time track.

     While the progressives on the Yes side proclaim this as a victory for human rights, their human rights are culturally relative. Declining white populations and rising Muslim ones will reverse their world, as is already happening in Europe, especially Sweden:

     This is what it must have felt like to be at the end of the Roman Empire.  But, can we really complain and say that we do not deserve our fate?



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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