They Mean Business, Indeed by Charles Taylor

Assuming that the recount of the US election scam in three states fail, the next act of cultural Marxism to disrupt the Trump presidency is planned mass protests, which may be highly violent. Collapse News. November 22, 2016, reports that numerous buses arrived in Chicago with anti-Trump protesters “paid protesters working for George Soros’ project”:
The theory is that so much disruption will be caused that martial law will be declared, which would keep Trump out of the White House, and keep Obama in power. Whether he passes the dictatorship over to Queen Hillary is a hypothetical, for he may well keep the crown himself. Overall, this is a remote possibility.

Chicago is a dangerous city and if the cultural Marxists upset the local warlords by pushing too much destruction (not good for the drug businesses), they may all be unpleasantly surprised.

Florida is bad enough, but I would not even want to visit Chicago, even with an army led by Eliot Ness (1903-1957) of the “untouchables.” (What a great TV show The Untouchables was, but all myth:

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Thursday, 02 April 2020
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