There Will be Britain No More By Chris Knight

     The elites have their knickers in a knot, as the saying goes, because President Trump dared to retweet a so-called “far Right” tweet:

     Theresa May criticised Trump for probably both the source and the content of the videos. The videos from Britain First, show an Islamist mob pushing a teenage boy off a roof, and then beating him to death. The Left wants Trump banned from multicult Britain. You see, it is a sin to point out these inconvenient multicult truths, and doing so is worse than pushing someone off a roof and beating them to death.  In a less insane age, all of this would have been dismissed as insane.

     Fortunately, Trump stood his ground and re-Tweeted that the issue is Islamic terrorism, not source material. The acts shown in the video just get ignored by the elites who have total tunnel vision, ever-searching for white racism, which is everywhere. There are no other evils in the world.  It is their day and night job, a vocation, a calling, by the sacred gods of the multicult. Thus, they ignore events like the threats to Christians in Pakistan in the volatile anti-blasphemy riots:

      Of course, Britain is so far down the politically correct rat hole now that such acts of logic would be wasted upon the vast majority of the population, let alone the elites, who by definition are beyond persuasion (they rule, so what is there to talk about?) Meanwhile, Britain has lost control of its borders, as hundreds of thousands of illegal workers cannot, and will not, be traced:

“It is impossible to track down the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants working on the black market in the UK, a border workers’ union boss has warned.
Swingeing cuts to the immigration enforcement workforce has left the country vulnerable, it is claimed.
And there will be no way of enforcing new rules on EU nationals once the Government’s post-Brexit immigration strategy is eventually finalised.
That is the warning from Lucy Moreton, of the Border Force workers’ trade union the ISU.
She told the Sun: ‘If you are here illegally you can survive very well, you access medical services, your child can go to school, the chances of us catching you are very, very slim.
‘If you don’t break the law we are not going to get you as we don’t have the resources. We can’t catch you.’
Just days ago pictures emerged of Albanians hiding in lorries and posing for ‘stowaway selfies’ on their way to Britain.”

     Camp of the Saints is here!
     The rest of human history will not be a Star Trek to places where no man/womyn/transgender/32 genders has gone, but dealing with the ramifications of this mess after Western civilisation melts into the melting pot, or a radioactive mess, since Iran, which like North Korea, is on a nuclear mission, has threatened Europe with a missile attack:

     Such is the existing ethno-masochism of the elites, that perhaps they unconsciously desire annihilation, as a way of atoning for having the good life:

     They also like a good cry as they proclaim our sins:



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Thursday, 28 October 2021
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