There is No New Frontier, We Have Got to Make it Here By Brian Simpson

     So sung the Eagles in their 1976 song “The Last Resort.” While some segments of the high tech elites are looking to abandon Earth for space:, there have come warnings that this may not be possible any time soon.
     Space cadets will face the onslaught of cosmic rays once in space, outside of the protective magnetic shield of the Earth. With this will come, not super powers, as depicted in the Fantastic Four comics, but cancer: Cosmic rays will severely damage the DNA of cells, and affected cancer cells may alter near-by cells, or “bystander” cells, causing mega-mutations. Merely having thicker shields and space suits may not solve the problem, given the length of time to be spent in space, let alone staying there, forever.
     We are all going to stay on this planet and see how it all pans out. No doubt, everything will come out in the wash, one way of another.

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