The World We Lost By James Reed

     When you read the list below, it brings home just how much we have lost. How much longer will we tolerate what governments of both persuasions have delivered? They certainly are not reflecting our wishes.
In more robust times, the voters would be assembled at their MP’s office demanding he/she vote for certain things OR face being turfed out at the next poll.  Now we just meekly argue that we better maintain our voting pattern because we don’t want those other b’s getting elected.  Realistically we can see it matters little which party is in power!  Neither are looking after us!  They all parrot the tune orchestrated by globalists around the world. This message below makes it clear that we will certainly have more of the same UNLESS we do something about it.  We owe it to our kids and their kids.  How will we answer them one day when they ask Grandpa, “What did you do to change the disastrous course?” Start tomorrow  -  no that is too late.  Start today and contact your Federal MP (and Senators) irrespective of their party alliance.  Show him/her the message below and politely tell him/her that they will definitely not be getting your vote next election until he/she reverses the present disastrous policies destroying our sovereignty. Gary Matthews who has written the message is unknown to me but he has done us a big favour.  Reward him by taking action.



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Monday, 26 October 2020
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