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The White Pathology of the Left By Charles Taylor

     The Left newspaper The Guardian, has recently published a cartoon in its unfunny, “first dog on the Moon,” series, claiming that there is “unfortunately” not a plan, “to eradicate white people from the Earth.”

     The two dogs are discussing the present North Korea crisis, which seems to be blamed on “white supremacists” being in the White House. You have got to be kidding – imagine if there really were white supremacists wouldn’t these leftists melt into a puddle of political correctness then? Anyway, here is the full transcript of the cartoon:

Dog 1: “Trump is seriously talking about nuclear war? This is ridiculous!”
Dog 2: “Is it the end of the world, Dad?”
Dog 1: “Probably. It is grownup complicated but in 2016 Rupert Murdoch organised to put a maniac surrounded with white supremacists in the White House to be president of the USA.”
Dog 2: “What’s a white supremacist?”
Dog 1: “It is someone who believes the ludicrous notion that white people are superior to people of other races. They also believe that there is a plan to eradicate white people from the Earth.”
Dog 2: “Is there Dad!?”
Dog 1: “Unfortunately no.”
Dog 1: “You see Steve Bannon is really the secret president of the United States and he wants to start world war three. He is on record saying he wants a race war and if he can’t make that happen, well it looks like he is trying to get Trump to start a nuclear war instead!”
Dog 2: “Nuclear war is bad right?”
Dog 1: “Yes nuclear war is very bad. Millions of people could die.”
Dog 2: “Even white people?”
Dog 1: “I’m sorry but yes even white people, and the ones who don’t die… they will be enormously inconvenienced!”

     The Left is insane. They seem to be rooting for North Korea, I suppose because their champion, communist China, supports this rogue nation. After all, a leading Chinese newspaper has said that China will stop the US if it attempts to deal pre-emptively with North Korea:

     It is clearly our trading partner that is becoming a threat to the world. For one, there would be no North Korea nuclear threat without Chinese nuclear technology transfer:

     This is the endgame of globalism and an egalitarian world; everybody will be equally dead.



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Thursday, 16 July 2020
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