The War on Food By Brian Simpson

My daughter asked me about the article discussing where they ban people having animals for food. I searched and saw that I missed it on Natural The ballot initiative is in, of all places, Oregon. I never thought that America would slide into totalitarianism, of an absolutely mind-numbing form, far worse than the USSR so quickly, in just months after Trump cucking out. January 6 protesters have been arrested are kept locked in cells for 23 hours a day with no bail. One white has suffered a fractured skull and is blind in one eye from beatings. So, there are human rights abuses and torture. We in Australia need to start protesting about this. The elites have tasted blood, and are just getting started. Trump does nothing beyond play golf and eat junk food.

“The total war against the food supply is now underway with a ballot initiative in Oregon seeking to criminalize all forms of meat production, including cattle and backyard chickens. Under the proposed new law, meat could only be harvested from animals after they die from “natural causes,” which would mean harvesting meat from old, diseased animals. Cancer burgers, anyone?

This effort to criminalize all forms of ranching and animal food production is part of the insane lunacy of left-wing nut jobs who also want to outlaw combustion engines and pollute the stratosphere to block the sun and collapse the global food supply. In summary, the attacks on food abundance are being engineered from multiple vectors, including:

  1. Legislative efforts to criminalize animal ranching and meat production.
  2. Geoengineering / terraforming efforts to block the sun and block photosynthesis of food crops.
  3. Federal legislation efforts to outlaw combustion engines and end all forms of modern farming with tractors.
  4. Mark of the Beast initiatives to tie food purchases to biometric scans of your palm, in order to limit food purchases according to new tyrannical food rules pushed by a totalitarian government.
  5. Continued efforts to outlaw front yard and back yard gardening.
  6. State laws banning the transportation of garden seeds. This is already a tremendous problem nationwide.

In truth, moronic liberals have no clue where food — even “vegan” food — really comes from. In this hilarious video, Quick Dick McDick explains that margarine comes largely from canola oil which is grown, harvested, processed and transported using diesel fuel, not “unicorn farts.”

Leftists destroy everything they touch, then they wonder why life sucks so bad.

As lunatic Leftists continue to destroy human civilization, they seem to be confused why the world they’ve created sucks so bad. When they destroy economies, they wonder why so many people are jobless. When they destroy health, they wonder why so many people are sick. And when they destroy the food supply, they wonder why so many people are starving.

If we really want to create a world without suffering, the real answer is to destroy the Democrats and stop their war against humanity.”

A great idea. Let’s have that as a global populist movement!



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Saturday, 08 May 2021
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