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The War on Australian Streets By Michael Ferguson

     We cover very extensively the war in Europe and the United States because this gives an idea of what is coming our way. For example, mass brawls, actually riots, are becoming more frequent, sometimes involving hundreds of people:

“POLICE say they are horrified by the behaviour of up to 200 individuals after a wild brawl inside a live music venue in Melbourne spilled out onto the street. Seven people were injured after a car accelerated towards the crowd at top speed during the brawl in Collingwood. “He was going at a blistering pace and he was f***ing aiming for people straight at them,” one witness told the Herald Sun. “Everyone was screaming. I didn’t see the moment of impact but it was clear he had just one agenda to annihilate people.” One 18-year-old man was pinned against a parked car and taken to hospital as a result, sustaining a serious leg injury. Commander Tim Hansen from Victoria Police said the incident began inside the Gasometer Hotel and despite police being “aware of the event” and tasking resources to patrol the area, they arrived shortly after the main incident occurred and missed the major affray. One man was hit by the car and blood and debris were scattered along the street."

     It is not clear from the reports whether or not there was a racial component to the riot, but it does not matter, for the riot itself is concern enough. This concern with social breakdown is leading to police arming up to deal with urban rioters, as Andrew bolt has recently reported:

“Never have police had to do what Victorian police boss Graham Ashton now has: flaunt an incredible new range of weapons to use against protesters and ethnic mobs. Ashton is under fire after yet another riot by Africans, plus some Pacific Islanders, at which not one person was arrested. Police officers clearly felt too scared to confront the 200 people brawling in Collingwood on Sunday morning and Ashton on Wednesday promised them new weapons to face down people who seem unusually violent. His armoury sounds impressive: 15 semiautomatic 175-shot pepper-ball rifles, 40mm launchers that fire hard projectiles, stinger grenades, flash-bangs and capsicum canisters. But wait a minute. Grenades? Canisters to bomb crowds with a disabling gas? When did Melbourne, hailed as Australia’s most successful multicultural city, need weapons to keep the peace? And Ashton, reports The Age, said “long-term police intelligence pointed to an increase in dangerous public disorder incidents.”

     Yes, this is happening here in Australia, following behind Europe and the United States. The same forces that are leading to the disintegration of these societies is occurring right here in Oz, so at a minimum, we need to keep up to date on global developments in the decline and fall of the West, because it will get worse before it gets better.



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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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