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The US Will Lose a War Against China By James Reed

     I have said that America will lose a war against China, mainly due to the self-hating nature of the American ruling class, but here is a MSM publication giving their spin on this question:

“If a war broke out between the United States and China, the clash between two of the world’s most powerful militaries would be horrific. And the United States could very well lose. That’s a concern among current and former defense officials and military analysts, one of whom told Breaking Defense earlier this year that in war games simulating great-power conflict in which the United States fights Russia and China, the United States “gets its ass handed to it.” Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum last week, Admiral Philip Davidson, who oversees U.S. military forces in Asia, called China “the greatest long-term strategic threat to the United States and the rules-based international order.” He described China’s rapid military buildup in nearly every domain—air, sea, land, space, and cyber—and said that while China’s capabilities don’t outnumber America’s in the region for now, it’s possible they could overtake the United States’ within the next five years. But the sheer number of ships, missiles, planes, and people doesn’t tell the whole story. What already gives the Chinese the advantage is geography. The Obama administration’s ill-fated Asia pivot did not prevent the growth of China’s military and economic power in the region, as it built artificial islands, embedded itself in key infrastructure projects, and invested in its military. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has called into question whether the United States would defend its treaty allies in the Pacific, such as Japan, with complaints about the expense. (Davidson said at Aspen that “there is no more important American ally in the world than Japan.”)

     Here are some comments from the Dissent Right about this:

“Another Chinese national has been just accused of spying against the U.S. [A Chinese ‘tourist’ accused of espionage is the latest example of a growing threat to US Security, by Justin Rohrlich, QZ, January 5, 2020]. It’s just another skirmish in the simmering war between China and the U.S. The U.S. is ill-prepared because the most important ideological trend of our time is the radicalization of white liberals about white “racism”—a direct product of Main Stream Media Narrative Control. In contrast, there is indifference to China’s extraordinary persecution of its Muslim Uyghurs. While China consolidates its Han ethnic core, the American elite is deliberately breaking up the white racial majority that made the country. Thus, if China can hold together, the U.S. that it will face will be a collapsing confederation of hostile tribes, not the “sole superpower” that American leaders dreamed of after the Cold War.”

     In other words, China has built a war machine, while the US has gone down the tubes in terms of political correctness. It has failed to keep up with Russian hyper-sonic technology for example, and China is not far behind Russia on this:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin observed a war drill off the coast of Crimea on Thursday that included the launching of hypersonic missiles, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The ministry's Zvezda broadcasting service said Russia's Black Sea and Northern Fleets participated in the military exercise. Various missiles were fired during the drill, including Kalibr cruise missiles and Kinzhal hypersonic air-launched missiles. More than 30 warships, including the Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Makarov frigate, one submarine, and more than 40 aircraft, including Tu-95MS strategic bombers, Su-30SM fighters, and Su-24M bombers, participated in the drill. Russia is a military ally of Iran, both countries have conducted military operations in Syria, and in recent times, held maritime war drills. Washington's relations with Russia and Iran have deteriorated since the beginning of the Syrian civil war and even more since President Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran. Russia's latest military exercise and escalating tensions in the Middle East are certainly indicating that the world is inching closer to conflict.”

     My guess is that the US will be destroyed, and Australia will be left to surrender totally to China, which our rulers would gladly do, since they sell off basic resources such as life-giving water, daily. Still, look on the bright side, the US may go down in a nuclear blaze of glory, which could end globalism, the Asian century, and much else, which can’t be all bad. Always look on the bright side, I say.



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Thursday, 28 May 2020
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