The University’s Time is Up! by James Reed

As the Libbies get ready to do us over with the next budget, the universities are in line for a thrashing. Student fees are likely to rise by 25 percent, students will start repaying their loans sooner, so that they can be obedient wage slaves all their pitiful lives, and they will be charged a loan fee at the start of their studies. Yes, as much as I hate the universities I cannot but wonder where does all of the money go from the trillions of full-fee-paying foreign students, who all eventually become migrants?

The universities soak up $ 9.5 billion each year in taxpayers’ money. Much of that goes to feed 66,500 administrators, and masses of senior academic staff receiving over $150,000 a year for doing as little as possible. It is well known that much of the teaching is done by junior staff, while the seniors just have a smooth ride from big pay to the next. What is worse is that thousands of academic draw a salary in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences from working to destroy Traditional Australia. They are now openly attacking Whites, even if they are White themselves, like a virus-infected disease organism, because the reward structure is good.

The solution to the funding crisis of the university is not to go after the students, but to really radically reform it, by closing it down and putting in its place practical training centres, such as law in law societies, and medicine in hospitals. We will be served much better by a complete elimination of the Arts, humanities and social sciences, saving billions. And Australia would no longer need to sell education like a woman of the streets, but could use it for nation building.



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Thursday, 28 October 2021
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