The Universities Pact with the Devil By James Reed

     Since at least the 1960s the universities have had a Devil’s pact with the Devil’s main representatives on Earth, the Left. Just tell me anything eviller than this movement, even in terms of just sheer numbers of dead:

“In their quest for diversity, American universities made a pact with the Devil, and this one would surely stump Daniel Webster, who once saved Jabez Stone from such a pact. In exchange for campus peace and to escape government bean-counters, universities by the score funded race-themed programs whose unstated purpose was to indoctrinate students into a racial ideology that has undermined both academic intellectual tolerance and broader American values. Endless cries of racism and victimhood, demands to dismantle capitalism and law-enforcement, insistence on strict ideological conformity and reparations for slavery, cancel-culture attacks on academics who reject identity politics — these are no longer at the fringes. Even science has become a form of white oppression. Anger is now a cultivated virtue, and concessions only encourage more outlandish demands. It is hardly an accident that one of the favorite words in this crusade — “woke” — harkens back to America’s Great Awakening from 1730–40, when fanatic evangelicals demanded harsh punishments for sin. Today’s “woke” views have gone mainstream; just listen to the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, and the mass media generally, and you can hear fragments of past classroom lectures. Race is a social construct whose only purpose is to justify white racism; disagreement is “hate;” all whites enjoy privilege; no non-white can be racist. Echoes of Critical Race Theory are everywhere, even though few TV-watchers recognize the academic pedigree of this nonsense. There are no signs of these passions waning. This is not the French Revolution whose Reign of Terror ended when the available heads to decapitate ran short. The supply of imaginary white racism is limited only by the imagination. No university can even consider ending programs that provide lucrative livelihoods to throngs of middle-class blacks. These programs cannot be dismantled even though there is now a trickle of blacks in traditional fields. The Devil has joined the political and economic mainstream. The US military, not to mention corporations (Kroger wants you to pick up a dose of white guilt along with your groceries) and philanthropies with billion-dollar endowments celebrate racial preferences and condemn supposed white malevolence, even in the face of popular opposition and contrary to federal law. Daniel Webster cannot beat the Devil. For the Devil, this is a wonderful time to be alive.”

     Count this as but one more reason for closing down the universities. I will continue to collect reasons, until I burst.



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Wednesday, 07 December 2022