The Ugly Face of the Left By Peter West

     Here are some items about the madness of the Left from across the world; not wanting Trump to be able to launch a first strike, but never a restriction against their beloved Obama, and the Left in Germany disrupting a moment of silence for a slaughtered teen, another victim of migration:

     The suggestion has been made that Leftism is a form of mental illness, which I believe is generally true, but does not go far enough, for it implies that there is some therapeutic cure for Leftism:

Nevertheless, I like this following item which while not mentioning the Left, does accept that demons walk the world today. Surely, we can combine the two and see Leftism as demonic possession?

“It is a phenomenon that is on the rise throughout the world: The number of cases of demonic possession - and demands for priests to carry out exorcisms - is, according to multiple sources, soaring. Medical science remains sceptical. However, a Princeton-and-Yale-educated mainstream psychiatrist believes demonic possession is indeed very real - and claims that the majority of Americans agree with him. With 25 years experience in a private psychiatric practice and as a professor at New York Medical College and Columbia University, Dr Richard Gallagher has a rare vantage point to observe human behavior. And then there is the inhuman. He is also a sought-after psychiatrist for discernment, the initial step in determining the need for exorcism. Dr Gallagher has evaluated hundreds of cases of possible possession and, in a wide-ranging and rare interview with the Telegraph, explains why he believes the phenomenon is genuine. In April, at a Vatican training course for exorcist priests, participants were told that demand for exorcism is booming as a result of a decline in Christian faith and the internet providing easy access to black magic, the occult and Satanism. They’re very, very smart. The intelligence level of a fallen angel, which is what I call them, is far superior to human beings.”

     That would explain how the Left can simply accept the genocides that have occurred through communism, but still have their cubs on campuses pushing orthodox Marxism, all the while not allowing even Christians to speak out against globalism. They may be mad, but first of all they are bad.

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Saturday, 29 February 2020
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