The Truth about Killer Robots By Brian Simpson

     We have been examining for some time at this site some of the concerns raised by advances in robotics and information technology, from increasing unemployment, through to vastly expanding the Deep State’s already massive powers of social control and manipulation. Then , there is the military adventures, using killer robots.

     Film maker Maxim Pozdarovkin has made a movie about this called, The Truth about Killer Robots. It covers all of the basics, but has the interesting point that killer robots are not something which will happen in the future, but are being used now. For example, the Dallas police have already loaded a robot with explosives to send into a building where there was an armed standoff, to kill the sniper-assailant. In this case, about 1 pound of C4 explosive was used, attached to the robot’s extended arm:

     In this case, as the sniper had killed police officers, it is understandable that some left of field strategy would have to be used. But, it raises the problem of where this stops, because the sniper could have been stopped by firing rockets at him, or ordering in an air strike! Hell, just to be sure, why not nuke the site from orbit! Where does it end? Will robots be used as a routine measure to terrorise people? What then? After all, police make enormous mistakes, such as the case of an off duty officer, who  went to the wrong apartment, and gunned down the occupant, also   in Dallas: 



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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