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The Truth ABOUT Communist China, Multiculturalism and Asianisation By Michael Ferguson

     This was way before my time, but our founding father Eric Butler in a tremendous little leaflet, The Truth about the Chinese Communists “Agrarian Reformers” or Moscow Agents? first published c.1956, is just as relevant to today as when it first hit the streets of once was what Anglo-Australia. Butler said:

“If the Communist conspiracy against Western Civilization is successful — and there is a grave danger that it may — victory will have been accomplished not primarily by force of arms, but by a propaganda campaign which was designed to undermine potential victims' beliefs in fundamental principles upon which their way of life has been erected. As has been demonstrated time and time again, the real Communist menace is the manner in which conspiratorial methods have been used to influence and pervert the policies of all Western Governments and organizations. Even more menacing is the manner in which large numbers of influential members of the community, particularly those in the position to influence public opinion, are used unconsciously to disseminate propaganda which suits the Communists' purposes.”

     Reading over that leaflet, it is remarkable the foresight that Mr Butler exhibited. He noted that the newspapers, elites in business and academic were already completely sympathetic to the Chinese communist point of view and would be happy for Australia to be a colony of China. Mr Butler said in his conclusion:

“The conclusion is inescapable, that the Communists have in China and the Far East made a big stride towards their ultimate objective of world conquest. But it must never be forgotten that this stride was only made possible because of the treacherous activities of traitors in high places in the Western democracies — particularly America. And these traitors have been helped immeasurably by the evil propaganda of Communist fellow traveller’s and wishful thinkers who apparently have not the courage to face the reality of the Communist challenge. If the Communist conspiracy against Western Christian Civilization is to be defeated, it is first essential that genuine patriots everywhere learn to detect and reject Communist propaganda under whatever guise it appears. They should note carefully those false prophets who have been contradicted by events in the past, and pay no further attention to what they have to say. When, under the guise of "tolerance" and "impartiality," Church leaders, radio and press commentators, confuse or mislead on the Communist issues, "they should be subject to the severest criticism. Christian patriots must realize while there is still time, that they must fight as never before to retain their precious heritages of individual liberty and dignity. They must shut their ears against the subtle but deadly suggestion that there can be any compromise with the doctrines or the advocates of Communism. They are confronted with a great struggle which they must either win completely or eventually be destroyed. There may be yet time to learn the lesson of the Communist victory in China and what it really means.”

     This explains very well contemporary events now unfolding, such as suppression of Chinese students, apparently by other Chinese students, and/or the Left’s violent communists, and the Andrew Hastie, hasty debate within the Liberals:

“Senior government ministers are publicly divided over Andrew Hastie’s criticism of China, as West Australian Premier Mark McGowan accuses the Liberal MP of jeopardising jobs in the resource-rich state. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton this morning backed Mr Hastie for raising the concerns, while Finance Minister Mathias Cormann labelled the comments “clumsy and inappropriate”. Mr McGowan, meanwhile, this morning slammed the West Australian Liberal MP for “denigrating the relationship” with China.”

     The Liberals, along with Labor, have long ago surrendered to the  inevitable splitting of the world under the New World Order into the three regions, ours being the Asian china dominated one, and destroying Anglo-Australia, was just the first step in this.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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