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The True Face of Global Capitalism By Paul Walker

     Originally it was the use of robots by the capitalists to eliminate human workers. But it would not stop there, for now it is robot wars, also with winners and losers:

“Adidas has announced it will be closing down its ‘Speedfactories’ in Germany and the United States and moving production to Asia. The factories are staffed by robots that make the company’s running shoes and will both be shuttered by 2020, according to a press release. Instead, the technology will be moved to Asia where robots there will take over manufacturing. ‘Going forward, not only running shoes, but also models of other product categories will be able to be produced in a short period of time by using the production processes tested in the Speedfactories,’ the sportswear giant said. So, yes, Asian robots are in fact taking jobs from their European counterparts.”

     There is no end to this, as capitalism simply swallows itself. Who is going to buy the products made by the robots if nobody has a job? There is no holistic sense to a system where individual corporations  are able to pursue their self interest uncontrolled, with no concern about impacts upon society.   It is truly allowing the lunatics run the asylum, and being in an asylum is bad enough!



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Saturday, 04 July 2020
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