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The Transgender Weightlifter By Mrs Vera West

     We must all be feeling truly sad about this one, which the Americans are calling a “freak accident.” I sincerely hope that they are not making fun out of this, because these muscle tears are extremely painful and nothing to be laughing about, because they can end a sports career, as I found out, when I slipped over in the bath many decades ago, ending my bowls career: 

     Anyway, former male athletes who transition to women, and compete in women’s sports seem to be doing just fine, smashing record after record. This is surely a victory for anti-discrimination, and perhaps one day soon, ALL women’s sport will be dominated by such wonderful athletes, which will advance gender rights by light years. How could coaches of women’s sports possibly, by any stretch of the imagination, be objecting to this great advancement in gender diversity? It utterly mystifies me.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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