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The Torture of Tommy Robinson By Richard Miller

     Conservatives need to understand that it is not a mere question of opposing some powerful Left fringe group, but rather, that the cultural Marxist pathology has now infected whole societies. For example, we may write profound pieces about the utter splendour of the legal system, but the reality is, that in countries like Britain, the system has become as tyrannical as anything that existed in the USSR. Certainly, things are not at the same scale of oppression as was seen when the USSR was at its full power, but all the pieces for such a system are now in place. The ideology of globalism and multicult-immigrationism, has updated old style Marxist-Leninism, merely bringing these demonic doctrines to the full gestation:

“In his first TV since being released from jail, Tommy Robinson told FOX News' Tucker Carlson about the conditions he suffered in a prison he likened to "Guantanamo Bay," notably how he could not open his prison cell windows because "excrement and spit" would be put through them. Robinson told Carlson he was put in the prison with the largest number of Muslim inmates in the U.K. after committing "contempt of court" by broadcasting a Facebook Live video of his commentary on the trial of a sexual grooming gang. The trial had "reporting restrictions."

According to NPR, Robinson pled guilty in May for "violating Britain's strict laws on reporting about judicial proceedings." Initially sentenced to 13 months, Robinson was released this week. "Robinson has focused on the trials of rape gangs run by Muslim men. Today an appeals court ordered Robinson's release, noting that the time between his arrest and imprisonment had been just five hours," NPR reported. In the interview with Carlson, Robinson also revealed he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress order (PTSD) and put in a cell that was "directly opposite" of the prison mosque. He said he didn't want to make the diagnosis public because he did not want to "insult members of the military" and compare his experience locked in solitary confinement to the effects of witnessing war. "Every one of authority and every media company, mainstream media lined up to completely do hatchet jobs about why I should be in prison and how I deserve to be in prison," Robinson said of his case.

"I wish you good luck in recovering from this and on the time you're going to take off. And I just want our viewers to understand that this has happened in a country that we believed was free. And without our vigilance, it could happen here. That's not hysteria. It's real," Carlson said to Robinson as he ended the segment. TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: British journalist Tommy Robinson spent two months in jail for attempting to cover a sexual abuse trial. Journalists in Great Britain and the United States applauded his sentence. Now, he's finally been released from jail and he joins us here exclusively next.


CARLSON: The United Kingdom has become a mere shadow of the nation. It gave us freedom of speech, freedom of the press, a host of other rights that we take for granted, but probably should not take for granted. Nobody knows that better than Tommy Robinson.

In May of this year, he was arrested for attempting to cover the trial of a sexual grooming gang in the UK. For speaking out loud on the sidewalk, he was taken to prison.

With barely any time to muster a defense, he was tried and sentenced to 13 months in jail. Now, after more than two months behind bars in solitary confinement, during which time he was attacked by journalists in the UK, almost nobody defended him, but tonight he's been released on bail after winning an appeal.

Tommy Robinson joins us now for his first and only interview. Tommy Robinson, thank you very much for agreeing to talk to us. I know that you spent the last two-and-a-half months by yourself in a cell. So, you're probably feeling a little bit bewildered to be out.

Tell us what it was like for you behind bars.

TOMMY ROBINSON, ACTIVIST: For me, behind bars, the way I was treated, I was taken to a prison with quite a low Muslim population. What I'm know for is criticizing Islam. So, there's been many planned attempts to murder me and kill me in this country.

I was taken to a prison with a low Muslim population of 7 percent where things were relatively normal. I was separated from other prisoners. But the prison officers made sure they opened my doors multiple times during the day and they took me out to play pool and snooker with themselves.

I was then taken from that prison and transferred to another prison. And I was transferred to the prison with the largest Muslim population in the UK for a C cat prison. I was then put on solitary confinement where I spent two months not seeing or speaking to anybody.

And they used the reason that I was in danger. Now, they would have had risk assessment before I went there. I was purposely taken to be put in danger, so that then that reason can be used to then put me on solitary confinement.

And if you think about what has happened in this case, it took a number of hours to take me for a court, prosecute me, unlawfully imprison me. And then it took two months with the prisons moving me to prevent my legal access, shortening my legal visits, and it took months before I got the opportunity to go before a judge.

Once a judge heard what happened in the trial, we found so many illegal and wrongdoings within this kangaroo court that then it took another two weeks before I was freed.

And to be honest, this whole encounter, if you talk about - I haven't eaten. I have lost nearly 40 pounds in prison. I had one tin of tuna and a piece of fruit a day.

I was supposed to be in Her Majesty's prison service, not Guantanamo Bay. I couldn't open my windows because I have excrement and spit put through them. I believe this whole piece - and, Tucker, this isn't the first -

CARLSON: I'm sorry to be interrupt, but who was putting excrement through the window through your window and spit through your window?

ROBINSON: So, my prison cell that I was put in was on the lower level, the ground level, which it didn't have to be. So, it was on the ground level.

So, every prisoner would walk past my cell window. Everyone, as they walk out. So, when my windows were open, every prisoner is walking past. But the mosque for the prison was directly opposite my cell.

And we've huge heat waves. I was actually drenched today. And I have excrement and spit thrown through the doors - threw my window. So, in the end, I had completely blocked-up windows. I had to block up all of my cell windows.

And all of this, when I say - to a lot of people around the world, this current case, and the world has watched it, has shocked them. For me, this has been nothing new.

There are some things I have not spoken about in the past. In 2012, I spent five months in solitary confinement in the British prison. This goes against every human right and every law.

I spent five months. When I come out, I was diagnosed with a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. I've never spoken about that publicly because I don't want to insult members of the military who have witnessed war and try and compare being locked in a cell in solitary confinement to that.

But my medical records are fully aware, the authorities are fully aware and the government are fully aware and the prison services are fully aware of them. They know what that did to me. They know what I went through after that.

CARLSON: May I interrupt you? I just want our viewers to understand why this happened to you in the first place. You went to prison in a supposedly free country for expressing unfashionable opinions in public.

This last round, you've been in jail for two months, did you hit anybody, did you steal anything or did you say something the government didn't like?

ROBINSON: There was a court case going on where 29 people were in court for gang raping up to 100 young children.

Now, I stood outside of the court and I spoke. And all I had done was read a BBC news article, a BBC news article that is still online now for millions of people to see. And I was taken.

And everyone would I watch the video. They said for a breach of the peace. They transported me to a police custody. And then, my solicitor contacted the police custody. Then, they emailed my solicitor. So, the solicitor has this email, saying I was being released.

Then they took me in a van back to the court through the back door. They put me up before a judge. And the media reports have said that I pled guilty. At no point was I even asked whether I was guilty or not guilty.

I was not even told - and I still, to this point now, have not been told and do not know what it is I'm deemed to have done wrong. In a British court of law, for a fair trial for anyone, they have to understand what it is they are being accused of. Contempt of court, that's all I've been told.

What contempt of court? I was fully aware, outside that court, I made sure to point out that these men are innocent until proven guilty. I said alleged. I was nonconfrontational.

The judges - and I know the law. The judges have no power to issue reporting restrictions on anybody or any information that is already in the public domain.

I was taken and whisked away. And what we're seeing this week is that the highest judge in our country has completely condemned this is flawed, completely criticized the handling of this case, the kangaroo court style it was to imprison me.

And my biggest concern with it is, at this time, that when this has happened and so many people - I say thank you to the Middle East Forum and thank you to Congressman Gosar, thank you to Ambassador Brownback, thank you to yourself, Tucker.

People who have come out - because we know that, in this country, anyone who tweets about Islam (INAUDIBLE). The minute you criticize Islam, you are deemed and attacked by everybody.

And people put their neck on the law -

CARLSON: Let me just ask you now. Did anyone defend you? I mean, even if people disagree with you, you would think some would say he has a right - this man has the right to express his opinions. Did anybody defend your right to say what you think is true?

ROBINSON: Every one of authority and every media company, mainstream media lined up to completely do hatchet jobs about why I should be in prison and how I deserve to be in prison.

The worst one, I'm reading a human rights lawyer. The human rights lawyer defending why I should be in prison. Now, I'm prison. I'm facing absolute - they know what they are doing to me.

At the time that I was in prison, they then come and see me in my prison cell and say, please, don't tell them the way to your house because there's intel there's going to be acid attacks against your wife.

CARLSON: I am sorry. Tommy, we're out of time. And on that sad note, I wish you good luck in recovering from this and on the time you're going to take off. And I just want our viewers to understand that this has happened in a country that we believed was free. And without our vigilance, it could happen here. That's not hysteria. It's real. Tommy Robinson, thank you very much.

    The take home lesson here is that one should reject all conservative notions that the establishment is not hostile to traditional people and culture. Those who stand to criticise any aspect of the anarcho-tyrannical system, will be smashed in a similar fashion, made an example of, so that the population can be terrorised with fear from resistance. Yet, on this issue, the people did fight back with mass demonstrations. Let us hope that “the times are a changing,” but hopefully not in the direction that old Bob thought.



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