The System has Openly Declared War on the Right By Charles Taylor

     Here, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“The videos that emerged from an Upper East Side event in October showed a disturbing scene: about a dozen men connected to a far-right group called the Proud Boys surrounding and striking a smaller group of protesters, believed to be self-described anti-fascists. … Jurors, however, are unlikely to hear from any of those who were beaten. The four victims have not cooperated with the authorities, who do not even know their names. They are identified in an indictment only as Shaved Head, Ponytail, Khaki and Spiky Belt. Phillip Walzak, the Police Department’s main spokesman, said that footage from police body cameras showed that victims refused to talk with officers who sought statements after arriving on 82nd Street as the attacks were taking place.”

     This sounds terrible, those Proud Boys who are multiracial are what … White supremists fighting other … white Leftists! Wait, something here does not add up. The Antifa are not cooperating. Why would a group of peace-loving folks who would never assemble with hunks of wood and masks, or post on social media that they were going to bash fascists, why would they not show up to court? What have they got to hide? Wait, these are the people that may be soon regarded as domestic terrorist group:

     Could it be that the multiracial Proud Boys were only defending themselves, and that the totally biased establishment has gone to put them down,  because, well think of it in psychobiological terms of pathology and psychosis.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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