The Sound of, Not Silence, But Sex Attacks By Mrs Vera West

     Another update on some of the exciting cultural events not happening in Sweden, due to sex attacks, which the mainstream media denies are significant, or show any sort of migration problem:

“The organisers of Sweden’s largest music festival have announced that the event will come to a close after cancelling this year’s festival following a wave of sex attacks last year. Organisers FKP Scorpio announced that there are no plans to put on another Bråvalla festival again this after speculation that the festival may occur in 2019 despite being cancelled this year, Norrköpings Tidningar reports. Kajsa Apelqvist, who heads public relations for the organisation, said: “It’s a very disappointing decision to take, but the overall picture we have is that we can not develop the festival in the way we want to be relevant to our visitors in the future.” When asked about the wave of sex attacks at the festival, which resulted in the festival being cancelled this year, Apelqvist said: “We have always claimed that it is not a festival problem but a social problem. How we ensure our visitors’ safety is something we are constantly developing, and that’s something we’ll never finish.”

     Nothing unusual here; one cannot have multiculturalism without breaking a few eggs, I think the saying goes, or does now. Anyway, who wants a music festival? Who needs music anyway? Now, it really is the “sound of silence”:

     Frightening. The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls … and at blog, we mortals:

     Music themed article showing skilled allusion to contemporary music sources by old lady who now has an aching ear.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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