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The Silence of the Lambs By Bruce Bennett

     Another day, another slaughter from terrorists, this time in Manchester, where a home-grown Islamic terrorist suicide bomber murdered 22 people, including mothers and children. Salman Abedi was the British-born son of Libyan refugees, and recently returned to Britain from Libya, and had been in contact with Syrian Islamic fundamentalists:

     Abedi is thought to be only one of many ready suicide bombers, and Manchester police, along with most of Britain is on red-alert. Even in sleepy Australia, authorities intend to check all bags taken into the weekend football, which is a sound idea. The lack of security in Australia is just making it easy for the Manchester tragedy to be repeated here.
Indeed, the NSW coroner has found that the NSW police took too long to storm the Lindt café during the Monis siege, as well as numerous other errors: The Australian, May 25, 2017, p. 1.  In response, the NSW police will be given rifles to deal with terror threats. One hopes, given other incidents where innocent bystanders took friendly fire:,  that adequate training with rifles will be given.

     An article by the ever controversial Mike Adams at, gives a thought provoking summary of the significance of the rolling terror threats that have engulfed the West:

“Western civilization, you see, has become obsessed with self-induced idiocy and political correctness that’s so insane, its political leaders can’t even muster the will to engage in simple acts of self-defense against a cultural onslaught.  Western Europe, in particular, is being overrun by radicals who practice an extreme, violent form of Islam that has zero tolerance for anyone who isn’t obedient to their narratives.
If that sounds familiar, it’s also the philosophy of the political Left in the United States, where intolerance is now so extreme and dangerous that Leftists openly call for conservative speakers to be killed before they can utter “hateful words.” Liberalism has reached “peak idiocy” everywhere across the Western world, and every Western nation is currently on a suicide path of self-destruction, all aided by delusional tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter, all of whom are systematically censoring reason and logic in order to appease the obedience demands of the Left-wing tolerati.”

     Adams, in full flight, goes on to put the blame for the state of terror, on political leaders”:

“The political leaders of this organized suicide of Western civilization — Merkel, Obama and now Macron — aren’t stupid people; they’re actually working quite deliberately to undermine Western civilization and destroy capitalism, democracy and European-Caucasian culture. Merkel, for example, is an agent of the old East Germany communist cabal. She’s using KGB-style tactics to systematically undermine and destroy Germany, and she has almost achieved her goal if seeing Germany completely overrun and culturally “cleansed.”  Obama, who has always been a Muslim, was a sleeper cell operator whose job was to systematically dismantle America’s borders, economy and culture.  France’s Macron is a clueless globalist puppet, of course, and if Hillary Clinton had been elected in America, she would have continued to carry out the mass cultural and economic destruction initiated by Obama.

The mainstream media — which now has the laughable credibility of a high school student newspaper — is run by gossip queens, odorous swamp creatures and mindless puppets who have long abandoned any ability to engage in legitimate journalism. The Washington Post, NYT and CNN are all now little more than rumor mill fiction rags hell-bent on destroying the People’s democracy no matter how much credibility they lose in the process.  Yet, just as they believe they are working to overrun the Republic, they fail to realize they’re all party to Western civilization being overrun by the radical terrorism leading edge of the Islamic occupational forces. Those forces have used open borders and lax immigration enforcement to occupy Western nations such as Germany, France, the UK and the USA. One by one, they are “activating” as lone wolf attackers, targeting large crowds with large-scale bombings, shootings, vehicle slaughter or other forms of extreme violence, even while the clueless Left continues to pursue appeasement and “tolerance” in the face of a systemic war being waged against them in their own cities.

In response to this, the liberal, left-wing media tells us that we are the intolerant ones for not loving the slaughter. We are “Islamophobes” for pointing out that a radical fringe wing of Islam is consistently behind all these violent attacks, even if we acknowledge that Islam as a whole is practiced peacefully by most of its followers.  We are not “tolerant” enough if we don’t love the bombings, the vehicle manslaughter and the mass shootings in gay bars, apparently, because the Left openly excuses all those acts as nothing more than an “expression of their culture.”

      This is perhaps a little over-the top, but we get the message loud and clear. Writing in The Australian (May 22, 2017, p. 12), Jennifer Oriel, our greatest female intellectual, if not our greatest intellectual, said on a related point about the destructive role of the Left-media:

“We know how Donald Trump’s presidency will end. The process is familiar. It begins with a politician elected by the people to introduce secure border and rational immigration policies that benefit the national interest.  Said politician is conservative and patriotic.  He is Christian.  He is proud of his culture: Western culture. The PC establishment despises him. The left media class undermines him. A mob of wreckers forms to destabilise his government. The wrecking crew comprises faceless men who leak to the press with impunity; publicly funded activist networks in the media, academia and NGOs; supranationalist organisations such as the UN and EU; and professional protesters.  If Donald Trump wants to know what is coming, he should study the rise and fall of Tony Abbott.”

     On this see also:, continuing the liberal establishment’s hatred for someone, who is at best, a lukewarm  “nationalist.”  Imagine if Trump really did keep any of his election promises!

     But, it should be added here that both Trump and Abbott were their own worst enemies, failing to serious deal with the threat of the Left, and not dealing with issues that should have been dealt with, such as immigration, section 18 C, and for Trump, building the wall. Neither understand much about the forces that brought, or are bringing, them unstuck. Trump seems particularly naïve about this, which is surprising given all of the tough business talk from a Darwinian perspective, given in his numerous popular books. I don’t have the hard copy of the book before me, but I am sure Trump said that “people will kill you for sport” somewhere, and it is unfortunately true.

     Adams concludes that he does not know which is the greatest threat to the West: Islamic terrorism or lunatic liberalism.  Clearly, I think that the answer must be lunatic liberalism, which kick-starts all of these problems. The problem is that this is the status quo and political establishment now, and replacing it is going to be extraordinarily difficult. That, will be the next part of human history, the grand battle to come.



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Monday, 06 July 2020
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