The Shape of Things to Come with Open Borders By Richard Miller

     With friends like this, who needs enemies? Turkey is threatening Europe with another mighty migration crisis, even though the last one is still continuing:

  •     “We are facing the biggest wave of migration in history. If we open the floodgates, no European government will be able to survive for more than six months. We advise them not to try our patience." — Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.
  •     "Turkey is fully committed to the objective of EU membership... The finalization of the Visa Liberalization Dialogue process which will allow our citizens to travel to the Schengen area without a visa, is our first priority." — Statement released by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, May 9, 2019.
  •     "This doesn't mean that I have anything against the Turks.... But if we begin to explain it — that Turkey is in Europe — European school students will have to be told that the European border lies in Syria. Where's common sense? ... Can Turkey be regarded a European country culturally, historically, and economically speaking? If we say that, we want the European Union's death." — Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
  •     If the EU approves the visa waiver, tens of millions of Turks will gain immediate and unimpeded access to Europe's passport-free zone. Critics of visa liberalization fear that millions of Turkish nationals may end up migrating to Europe. The Austrian newsmagazine, Wochenblick, reported that 11 million Turks are living in poverty and "many of them are dreaming of moving to central Europe."

     Turkey itself is the crisis, and allowing the poor of Turkey to walk into Europe will lead to the quick demise of Europe anyway. What we have now is a death by a thousand cuts, such as knife crimes in Sweden leading to Sweden literally bleeding to death from a shortage of blood:

“Thanks to a wave of knife crime in Gothenburg – Sweden’s second-largest city – healthcare facilities have reported that their blood reserves are running dangerously low. Last week, healthcare professionals in Gothenburg sent out SMS texts to city residences imploring them to donate blood to alleviate shortages, which according to Sahlgrenska University Hospital’s Stefan Jakobsson, are due to a recent wave of knife attacks in the city, Sveriges Radio reports. Among the generous Swedes who answered the call to donate was Richard Christofferson. “I got a text message that you should come in if you could. I do it to help others who need blood, but I also have too much iron in my body so I also need to give regularly,” Christofferson said. Last week, Gothenburg witnessed two fatal stabbings in its city center. One of the stabbings occurred at the famous Nordstan shopping center. A 21-year-old who allegedly carried the murder out and a 24-year-old who is thought to have assisted him have both been arrested by Gothenburg police. Recently, Gothenburg locals have started to speak out about the center of the city becoming increasingly dangerous thanks to widespread violence, crime, and drug use. In an interview with Aftonbladet, Gothenburg taxi driver Imad El-Saneh said, “It has become much worse than in the ’90s. It’s more people, more drugs, and people care less about what they do.”

     Even Denmark is now admitting that there is a major problem with migrant criminals:

“Danish Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen has admitted that his country has a “big problem” with migrant criminals and has defended new measures from the government designed to make deportations easier. The minister’s statements come in reaction to a study by Danish media that discovered Somalis were by far the largest foreign nationality in Denmark to be convicted for violence with 916 convictions between 2014 and 2018, Danish tabloid B.T. reports. “Your data clearly shows that there is a big problem with criminal foreigners that we should not have in our society,” Poulsen said and went on to defend the Danish government’s migration policies saying, “we have tightened the expulsion rules so that we can more easily expel foreigners.” Poulsen also added that he had recently tabled another bill that will allow judges to order the deportation of migrants who refuse to turn up for their court dates. Peter Kofod of the populist Danish People’s party (DF) also commented on the figures that revealed that Somalians had been convicted of a total of 1,111 crimes in the last five years saying, “It’s pretty wild numbers that B.T. has uncovered. It supports, as we in the Danish People’s Party have pointed out for years, that we in Denmark have a challenge with immigration from a number of countries in Africa and the Middle East.” “It’s tragic, and we have to respond to that. We must do this by sending people back home and not taking new ones in. It must be the lesson that for too many years, in Denmark and the rest of Western Europe we have had too much from immigration from certain areas,” he added.”

     Compared to cucked Sweden, at least baby steps are being taken. Still, the problems are mounting, with new migration crises on the horizon:

     It looks like Trump was right about Sweden, a symbol of where Europe is going, but it is a pity that he does not see the same writing on the wall for the US, especially without “The Wall”:

     All I can say from watching these sorts of social breakdown videos is that Darwin was right!



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