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The Right Stuff By John Steele

     With the lack of Masculinity produced by our matriarchal society, it is good to read something with some testosterone in its lines, like this one, from the usually liberal Quora, but a good one:

Robert Whaley, former Strategic & Tactical Planning Mgr Info Systems (1978-2002)

Fighting back is always advisable in my mind. But, I was a Marine. We all pretty much joined because we were pretty aggressive. But, just consider what would happen if you did the following:
1.    In a theater: 1000 cellphones fly at the gunman’s face. It will be hard for him to aim, much less reload before he is overwhelmed by the few aggressive guys.
2.    When he uses up a magazine and must reload, it usually takes a couple of seconds, and sometimes, with shaky hands, a lot longer. A lot of heavy stuff can be rained down on him in that time (before he is overwhelmed by the few aggressive guys.)
3.    One person comes up behind him, and grabs him in a wrestling or judo hold. Just holds him, so that he can’t bring the barrel down. Maybe gets a hand on the magazine release button, and drops the magazine. Then, pulls the trigger to empty the chamber. Now, he drops the guy on his head, or just holds him bent backwards. Not much a guy can do when he is bent back with a hot gun barrel in his face.
These are just some examples. In all of these cases, fear and panic are what kill people. In all of these cases, if the people headed TOWARD the killer, rather than fleeing him, he would be quickly demolished, and the people would learn a big lesson. Go toward danger with a spirit of sacrifice, and you will feel much stronger, and have a much higher opinion of yourself.”

     I think that the idea of fighting back goes way beyond these thought experiments and is applicable to the entire battle, indeed cultural war, that we find ourselves in. Perhaps, God will judge us on how we perform.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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