The Revolutionary Violence of the Left By James Reed

     Unlike most people here, I don’t regularly survey Natural, but I was alerted to the following item, which clearly shows just how violent the Left are, still advocating a neo-Marxist armed takeover of society, and dealing with their opponents in the standard historical fashion, which has not, for them, gone out of fashion:

“The Los Angeles antifa group, Serve The People, recently organized and anti-ICE demonstration where they called for a “sea of armed masses” to take power. This Marxist extremist group doxed and threatened an LA resident for supporting ICE earlier this year and like many on the far-left, they have been continuously escalating their violent tactics and rhetoric.  report put out by the far-left blog, Incendiary News Service, provides a clear picture of what happened at this anti-ICE event: The organizers photographed someone with the intent to circulate her picture and dox her (as they have done previously):

As protestors swarmed around the truck, a white lady inside laughed and taunted them. She laughed, it appeared, out of nervousness – perhaps forgetting that her picture had been taken and would subsequently be circulated online, and with only a question of time her real identity would be made public. They then made it clear they are interested in “revolutionary vengeance”: STPLA says the masses want revolutionary vengeance, and it appears to be true especially in the deepest and most profound section of the masses, in the scapegoated and attacked undocumented immigrant neighborhoods who now speak more openly about arming themselves and defending their families and way of life at all costs. And finally, they called for an armed insurrection: STPLA and their supporters are bold and honest enough to say that rallies or even militant and illegal protests alone won’t do anything. What is needed, they say, is a “sea of armed masses” organized to defend ourselves but most importantly organized to take power.”

     In Australia, far Left groups seldom go to that extreme, but as these creatures of the Left are all made of the same stuff, I imagine that such plans are not far off in Australia. When we hear about it, we will certainly let you know.



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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