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The Return of Socialism … Did it Ever Go Away? By Chris Knight

     After the mass deaths of about 100 million people from communism in the 20th century, after all the disasters that socialism has brought to South American countries like Venezuela, one would have thought that if the human primate had a grain of rationality, that socialism would have been junked long ago. Sure, they say that socialism works in the Scandinavian countries but this is only a game with words, since what we see are various grades of welfarism within the framework of capitalism, which may or may not work. Those pushing for socialism in America, want to go much further, and unfortunately, there are plenty of sheeple willing to see the institution of private property eliminated, or diluted:

“Politicians calling themselves "Democratic socialists" have made very-visible gains in the past year, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joining Congress on Thursday and Sen. Bernie Sanders becoming a party icon with the status to bring policies like Medicare-for-all into the mainstream. But the trend goes well beyond those two, as polls show American voters across the country – in particular, young people and Democrats – increasingly warming to socialism over capitalism. The shift is a recent phenomenon, and reflects a dimming view of capitalism more than anything. Back in 2010, 68 percent of young people, 18-29 years old, said they approved of capitalism, while 51 percent said they approved of socialism, according to Gallup. Fast-forward to August 2018, and that same age group backs socialism over capitalism, 51 percent to 45 percent. Democrats, meanwhile, were evenly split between capitalism and socialism back in 2010. But now, 57 percent say they hold a positive view of socialism, compared with just 47 percent who say the same for capitalism. The trend extends to high school students, according to a YouGov poll released in November, which found 14-17-year-olds split 50-50 on whether socialism or capitalism is better. Americans as a whole, however, still prefer capitalism 56 percent to 37 percent.”

     So, it is just the politically correct groups we would expect who want socialism, to get the goodies from the sweat and toil of others. Fortunately the majority still favour capitalism over the economic apocalypse, but with mass Third World immigration, which will deliver America tied and bound in Democrat hands, expect to see the end of private property as America goes down. Then expect to see Australia struggling to survive in a world without a great protector, or the same things done to us by Laborites.



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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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