The Reduce Immigration Write-On By James Reed

     Dick Smith’s latest media splash is to claim, quite rightly, that overpopulation will destroy Australia, and lead to young Aussies not having jobs:

     Indeed, it is happening right now. We are, already, the dispossessed majority/minority.

     Smith has launched an all-out assault on economic growth, which is an utterly futile task. The Greens never succeeded in cracking that one, and he won’t; it is just too deep to the system.

    I have said before that a much more sensible strategy would have been to endorse and fund the Reduce Immigration Write On campaign, a low cost way delivering the right message to the elites. Read about it here and see what you can do to help these good folks:

     None of the big shots has lent a hand here and they could have done so much. So, why do you think that might be?

     The elites are quick to give a vote on same sex marriage, but no life-and-death issues such as immigration. The Write-On campaign gives us a chance to have a say, as an instance of grassroots democracy.



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Friday, 07 August 2020
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