The Reality of the South African Crisis By Peter Ewer

     We have been covering the South African crisis, as the Black state moves to take White farms without compensation. President Trump was concerned about the possibility of genocide occurring, and his Tweet caused the libtard media to boil over, as if they ever needed any excuse to go on a rampage. As reported at the site below, there are numerous Tweets appearing, presumably from South Africa, saying ““Let us kill the white man, the white man must die” #SouthAfricanfarmers.” That sounds mighty unfriendly indeed.

“Echoing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says they’re prepared to die if it means South Africa will achieve land expropriation without compensation. In June, Simon Black warned that Malema, the so-called ‘Hitler of South Africa’, was busy telling white people in his country that he’s not going wage genocide against them. Yet. But now, as EWN reports, the party has claimed that it’s aware of white extremists who are opposed to the policy and are training as snipers in Pretoria to kill them. Malema was addressing the media on Thursday at the party’s headquarters in Braamfontein. “They will kill us for that. There’s a group of white right-wingers who are being trained by Jews in Pretoria to be snipers…”

Of course, he has not been called out for advocating a Jewish conspiracy theory. Some White farmers are getting ready to fight:

“The owner of the first South African farm lined up to have his land seized without payment or fair compensation blasted the government today saying: ‘Whichever way they dress it up it is theft’. Johan Steenkamp who co-owns a £10million game farm in Limpopo province, has been ordered to hand over his land, following a ten-year battle to stop the government buying it for a tenth of its value. Mr Steenkamp says President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plans of redistribution of white-owned land to South Africa’s black poor is just a cover so that the government can get their hands on valuable coal deposits found under his farm."

     As would be expected, there is a less than hidden agenda behind the land grabs, so that the richest farms will be stolen first. As discussed here by Stefan Molyneux, Ernst Roets has a new book, Kill the Boer (2018):

     The book covers all aspects of the South African crisis, such as the farm killings, and whether or not South Africa can avoid civil war.



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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