The Question of Europe and Europa By Chris Knight

     John Bruce Leonard has contributed two essays on the Europe question:

     Using the Catalan independence from Spain and the similar case of Sardinia as examples, the question arises as to what is a nation: is it blood and ties of ethnicity, or is it abstract principles? I suppose for many readers it will be abstract principles, such as “democracy” and liberty.

     Yet, here lies the problem, Leonard notes, because who would really want to fight and die for a set of bloodless principles, divorced from the people who created them?  Such a ““nation” will do nothing more than dilute the innermost qualities of all peoples, leading them further and further from their unique heritage and their special virtues, and more and more into the grey realm of anonymous ‘humanistic’ homogeneity?”

     Nationhood shown from ethnicity, as multiculturalism attempts to do, breaks down resistance to globalism, and sets people on the road which we are on today: F.M. Moghaddam, “The Omnicultural Imperative,” Culture & Psychology, vol. 18, 2012, pp. 304-330. An interesting paper arguing that Britishness integral to Australian nationalism is Russell McGregor, “The Necessity of Britishness: Ethno-Cultural Roots of Australian Nationalism,” Nations and Nationalism, vol. 12, 2006, pp. 493-511. Of course, the problem here is that the very idea of “Britishness’ has been attacked and undermined by mass migration and multiculturalism in Britain, so that perhaps all we have now are “imagined communities”:

     Ethno-nationalist identitarianism maintains that distinct ethnicities who feel the need to separate, should be able to, no more than people should stay in unhappy or abusive marriages. This philosophy of decentralisation is completely consistent with financial freedom movement attempts to create self-reliant economies for self-reliant communities. Social credit principles would work well here in allowing secessionists groups to set up autonomous financial systems, and no longer being dependent upon the global financial nexus. It would be the first step to real freedom and preservation of cultural identity:

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