The Purge and Coronavirus By Brian Simpson

     Even if the coronavirus is an escaped bioweapon, made by the Chinese, somehow blaming ordinary Chinese people for this, is just insane. They are pawns in the game of the globalists as much as we are. Well, noble sentiments, but one of the by-products of plurality is that diverse people will have diverse reactions, and in LA Asians fear that they will be targeted if things get to zombie apocalypse levels. In fact, the metaphor used in the article featured here, is  “The Purge,” a TV show actually involving hunting down people and purging them:

“The threat of Covid-19 hate crimes across the country is surging this week as Asian Americans in San Gabriel Valley, a region east of Los Angeles, are loading up on weapons as concerns they could be targeted. CBS Los Angeles reported this week that gun sales among Asians are rising in San Gabriel Valley as they believe the pandemic could trigger hate crimes against them. David Liu, the owner of Arcadia Firearm & Safety, said gun sales have jumped in the last two weeks as the virus crisis worsens in California. "Because of coronavirus, a lot of people start to worry," Liu said. CBS Los Angeles said there's a high concentration of Asians near the Arcadia gun store. Liu said many of his customers are stocking up on weapons because they fear they might be targeted because of their ethnicity if a local virus outbreak is to occur. "I do worry," said Daniel Lim, who recently bought a gun and ammo for his wife at Arcadia. Lim said he bought the gun to defend his family amid fears the virus could crash the stock market and economy and lead to massive social unrest where Asians would be targeted. "I hope and pray it never happens," he said. Lim isn't the only Asian American in the community, thinking that a purge is coming if the virus crisis gets out of hand. "We think it's the perfect time to get a weapon for ourselves," said another Arcadia customer, Dirk Zhang, adding that his wife would never allow a gun in the house until now. "She's a little afraid of the outbreak of the virus," he said. We noted on Monday that the first possible coronavirus-related hate crime in America, where an Asian man was stabbed numerous times, all caught on camera, occurred on a Brooklyn, New York street.”

     Here is a take on this racial hysteria by the great Jim Goad over at Takimag:

“… if you’re actually a humanist whose feelings run a little deeper than making loud public displays about pretending to care about human suffering, what’s worse: a death toll of 300 and climbing, or a few hurt feelings over racial stereotypes? According to far too many people, the potential for hurt feelings and maybe even a stray teardrop or two is worse than the fact that human bodies are dropping like flies. Last week, Malaysia’s health minister said that the spreading of “fake news” about the virus was a “more critical” issue than the virus itself. A Canadian professor of “social epidemiology”—whatever that is—claimed, without offering one scintilla of evidence to back up his claim—that “The epidemic of fear that follows the disease is just as dangerous.” A Reddit thread averred—without citing any numbers, naturally—that “Racism is more dangerous than coronoavirus.” Never mind that most of the demonstrably exclusive rhetoric and behavior so far has come from non-Chinese Asians. According to The Script, Asians can’t be racist against other Asians.”

     The other side of the coin is that the Chinese Communist Party and its agents are actively pushing a conspiracy theory that Covid-19 is a US bioweapon against China:

     This all goes to show that civil society is fragile and at the end of the day, the only real protection people have are personal weapons. That philosophy is somewhat alien to Australia, a cucked, deracinated, emasculated over-urbanised society now, but past generations would have accepted that with no problems. Anyway, the governments are well prepared with preps to ensure that the elites survive whatever comes their way, but, you and me, friend, we are on our own:



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Sunday, 24 January 2021
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