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The PTSD of Modernity By Chris Knight

     Do you have night sweats, soaking the sheets? Do you awake from nightmares, screaming? It could be PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, or maybe you are just living in the modern world, undergoing psycho-political attack. Anyway, here is some nice prose on this, where Brett Stevens reflects upon the statistic that older white men, like us, take their lives at a rate four times greater than the general population, and nobody cares:

“People commit suicide when they feel bad and perceive themselves to be trapped in this condition, which is a sensation of futility. This feeling of being trapped becomes undeniable in old age, when in theory all of the requirements of a citizen have been discharged, and things are still not as expected. Consider your average citizen: growing up, he knows that he is fodder for twelve to twenty years of education, then will go out there to fight to have a career. Nothing that he does will be lasting, only plowed under by more novelty-seeking behavior by the herd. He has no chance to make a contribution, only an income.

When he goes through everything he must do, almost all of which is tedious and humiliating, he is left with utter irrelevance. Since he is not an active part of the workforce, he has limited social contact, and is basically cut out of the mainstream of social interaction. Add to that financial worries, despite a lifetime of working, and possible divorce or family alienation, and what really does he have? Mostly, he is put in a box like everyone else and left to die while various agencies and companies try to squeeze him for what money he has left. Instead of a period of Golden Years to enjoy life in fullness, he has a shattered family, alienation, and loneliness for an existence. White men are most likely to notice this and are accustomed to having options, but now there is no choice and no alleviation.

The same illness afflicts children. They grow up knowing that they are fodder for the mill. They have nothing to look forward to but jobs, failed marriages, and isolation. We laugh at the trope that college is the best days of our lives and the last of our freedom, but alarmingly, it seems true. Effects of this form of subtle abuse are similar to PTSD, which is why people are so neurotic for the duration of their lives. They have little to look forward to and no one to demonstrate their character by doing anything really great, mostly because no one will take the time to appreciate it and will bulldoze it as soon as they are gone.”

     Yes, a nightmare world has been created, because the philosophies held by the criminally insane elites, especially economic and financial, are nightmarish nihilistic worldviews, and the logical conclusion of these must be self-destruction and misery for all unto oblivion. Not only are old white guys falling to the sword of nihilism, but the younger generation, the Millennials are not lining up to be the consumer monsters that the Baby boomer generation was, because they see no economic future, and view themselves as mere indentured slaves. There has to be something very wrong with the world to generate these results.

     Speaking of Boomers, Millennials are blaming them for destroying their lives, and I think, rightly so: 

“According to a new Axios/Survey Monkey poll, millennials are getting angry, and starting to point fingers and cast blame, with a majority accusing baby boomers of not just making things difficult for them, but, of “ruining their lives.” The survey found 51% of millennials (18 to 34-year-olds) blame baby boomers (51 to 69-year-olds) for making a raft of poor decisions since the 1980s, that have contributed to a weak political and economic environment; only 13% said the boomers made things better. Gen Xers was not satisfied with the pesky boomers, either; as 42% of them have blamed their life’s troubles on the boomers. Most amusingly, upon self-reflection, 30% of boomers agreed that their generation’s policies had made things worse, while only 32% said they had made it better, and 34% answered it made no difference.”

     The boomers, the generation of the Beatles and Dylan, were the most selfish people to ever slither along the face of the Earth, and that’s not bigotry, because I am part of that, and guilty as hell too. But, although part of the generation of greed,  I never betrayed my race and nation like the majority of the Left boomers and economic Right did. If Millennials, once gaining political power, decide to take away Boomer  pensions and super, I would not blame them. Boomers have been bludgers on the public purse, milking the system and expecting the young generation to pay. Such is their hubris. I hope that Millennials have mercy though and do not punish all of us degenerate Boomers by active euthanasia, perhaps only passive measures, like medicine restrictions for the most traitorous. But, if I must be punished for the sins of “my generation,” I will understand:

     And my favourite parody of the whole 1960s “trip”: 



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Friday, 10 July 2020
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