The Pope’s Politically Correct New Book By Peter West

A new year, but the same old political correctness. I imagine that the same issues are going to be covered, as the West spirals down. In any case the Pope is right up there with his new book, on all the hot topics, from what we view as the enemies’ perspective.

“In his new book, “Let Us Dream,” Francis essentially sanctifies the riots over Floyd, saying, “Abuse is a gross violation of human dignity that we cannot allow and which we must continue to struggle against.”

Covid lockdowns, however, are evidently not a “violation of human dignity,” according to The Holy See, who proceeds to slam protests against government-imposed coronavirus restrictions, arguing misled demonstrators carry on “as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom!”

“You’ll never find such people protesting the death of George Floyd, or joining a demonstration because there are shantytowns where children lack water or education,” the pope states. “They turned into a cultural battle what was in truth an effort to ensure the protection of life.”

Elsewhere in the book, the Pontiff slams news outlets that poked holes in the coronavirus narrative, claiming they “used this crisis to persuade people that foreigners are to blame, that the coronavirus is little more than a little bout of flu, and that restrictions necessary for people’s protection amount to an unjust demand of an interfering state.”

“There are politicians who peddle these narratives for their own gain,” he also writes, adding, “But they could not succeed without some media creating and spreading them.”

According to the New York Post, Pope Francis also claims he identifies with coronavirus patients because of lung problems he once had.

In the book, Francis said he could relate to COVID-19 patients fighting for their lives because of his own health ordeal that resulted in part of his lung being removed when he was a student in Buenos Aires 63 years ago.

“I know from experience the feeling of those who are sick with coronavirus, struggling to breathe as they are attached to a ventilator,” he said, adding that health ordeal made him feel as if he was “hanging between life and death.”

“For months I didn’t know who I was, if I would live or die, even the doctors didn’t know. I remember hugging my mother one day and asking her if I was about to die.”

The book appears to be further testament to the Bishop of Rome’s leftist political leanings, following a statement before the United Nations in September in which he attacked the private ownership of firearms.

“We need to dismantle the perverse logic that links personal and national security to the possession of weaponry,” the pope said during the UN’s 75th anniversary. “This logic serves only to increase the profits of the arms industry, while fostering a climate of distrust and fear between persons and peoples.”

What the bottom line on this is, that the Pope is following the other globalists in embracing communist China, which is what lies beneath the sugary rhetoric. This is a good video detailing this:

The proposal is that China will rule the Catholic Church. Stranger things have happened, especially in a world sliding into a new communist age. It is only unnatural.




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Wednesday, 19 January 2022