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The Pope and Mass Muslim Immigration By Peter West

     The Pope has been at it once again, saying that concern for “cultural identity” does not justify opposition to mass migration:

“In my constant listening to the particular churches in Europe I have perceived a profound uneasiness in the face of the massive arrival of migrants and refugees,” Francis said. “This uneasiness must be recognized and understood in the light of an historical juncture characterized by an economic crisis that has left deep wounds. This uneasiness has been aggravated, moreover, by the scope and composition of the migrant flows, by a substantial lack of preparedness in the host countries and by frequently inadequate national and community policies.”

“But the uneasiness is also indicative of the limits in the process of European unification,” the pontiff continued, “of the obstacles faced by the concrete application of the universality of human rights, and of the walls encountered by the integral humanism that constitutes one of the most beautiful fruits of European civilization.”

The Pope’s answer to this is to begin a big propaganda campaign to change thinking on immigration, especially Muslim immigration:

     “Don’t be Afraid?” Did he read this:

     Only a moron would expect people not to have, well, some wee concerns about all of this. A very good refutation of the claim that there is no link between mass Islamic immigration and terrorism, is given by William Kilpatrick, “Terrorism, Islam, and Immigration,” Endeavour Forum, October, 2017. Maybe the Pope will read it, and change his mind, rejecting the dictates of his New World Order masters. But, that would be to believe in real miracles, isn’t it?



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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