The Plant-Based Health Myth By Mrs Vera West

One of the great myths of vegans is that if it is plant-based it must be healthy. This is an anti-meat ideology, gone mad. Thus, sugar is plant-based but causes numerous health problems and diseases, even tooth decay, and diabetes. Here are extracts from a great email that I just got from:

by Mike Geary.

I have to go on a little rant today, because as a nutritionist, I'm fed up with hearing all of this BS about "plant-based" everything these days.

Everywhere you look the media and big companies are labeling everything and anything "plant-based" as if that somehow means that something is healthy.

First of all, "plant-based" is a useless term that has almost no meaning if you think about it...

For example, SUGAR is "plant-based", and it's one of THE worst foods on the planet that you can consume...

In addition, refined vegetable oils (plus artificial trans fats from hydrogenated oils too) are "plant-based" and along with sugar, these 2 "plant-based" foods are THE single biggest cause of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  On the other hand, more recent properly designed studies and reviews show that unprocessed RED MEAT has zero link to heart disease, diabetes or cancer, and in fact, may even be protective against all three of those degenerative diseases plus lots more.

Then we also have GMO soy, GMO corn, and glyphosate-laden wheat too... all 3 of those foods are "plant-based" as well, and just like sugar and vegetable oils, they are 3 of the WORST foods you can put in your mouth, and are KILLING millions of people... Yes, eating too much plants can literally kill you!

Yet somehow, giant food companies who rake in billions off of processed junk plant foods, deceptive vegan documentaries, and the media have brainwashed the masses these days into thinking that anything labeled "plant-based" is somehow something you should eat more of.  Apparently even KFC released a "plant-based fried chicken" last year that had people waiting in long lines to buy a bunch of deep fried inflammatory garbage ingredients that just happen to be made from plants (unhealthy highly processed plants too)...

Another example is if we take a look at the whole ridiculous trend these days towards "plant-based" burgers... I have no idea why anybody in their right mind would think that a FAKE burger made of genetically-modified soy, genetically modified yeast, inflammatory vegetable oils, and other highly processed junk ingredients was in some way healthier than REAL meat (which has been one of the mainstays of the ancestral human diet for hundreds of thousands of years) ... but I guess the plant-based companies … have done a really good job at marketing and brainwashing millions into thinking that highly processed GMO soy (that destroys the environment) is better for us than real food.  It's pretty sad to see the brainwashing that has happened in this field.

Now, I'm not going to defend feedlot finished beef (CAFO beef)...I personally ONLY eat grass-fed, grass-finished beef (which is not only superior nutritionally to both conventional feedlot beef AND plant-based burgers, but also more responsible environmentally too), and I try to avoid conventional feedlot beef about 99% of the time.  But to somehow make the leap that just because feedlot beef has it's issues, that a fake processed GMO soy burger … is healthier, is quite a shocking bit of brainwashing on the masses.

It's amazing to me that so many millions of people have fallen for this whole "plant-based" scam... If you think about it, there's a LOT of plants that are some of the WORST foods in our entire food supply... such as how I mentioned sugar, vegetable oil, corn, soy and wheat above.  There's lots of other examples of plants that are terrible for you too... Bread, pasta, candy, cakes, cookies, soda, etc are generally all "plant-based", and NONE of them are good for you!  Of course, there are examples of plant foods that CAN be good for you too, such as fruits, some veggies (based on your genetics, since some veggies are actually harmful for some people), roots, nuts, etc.

However, keep in mind that even some plants that most people think are healthy, are NOT always healthy for everybody, or can be actually quite harmful if you eat them too much, such as how we explained the dark side of kale here, or how tomatoes can be harmful to some people here

Nutrition isn't as easy as just saying "veggies are good", because that's not always the case.  Plants have a lot of toxins and antinutrients in them, and our genetics are also quite different from one person to another... For example, people with genetics from far northern latitudes (such as northern European background) often thrive on a much higher protein diet with more meat and fish (since plants weren't available in the long northern winters for our ancestors), and less leaves and other plants, so the discussion needs to be much more nuanced than the whole "plant based" propaganda that's filling your newsfeed these days.

Not only that, but in SENIORS, eating plant-based tends to lead to sarcopenia (age related muscle loss), frailty, weaker bones, etc...and a weaker and more frail elderly person tends to die younger than those who maintain more muscle and stronger bones into their older years.  Clearly, a plant-based diet can be very harmful to seniors, even if young millennials can get away with it for a certain number of years before that type of diet causes them harm.

If you want to be TRULY healthy, while also protecting our environment, grass-fed red meat from beef, bison, lamb, etc are THE healthiest foods we can eat for both us and the planet!  If you want to dig into this topic more, please grab a copy of my friend Diana Rodgers book Sacred Cow, which does an incredible job at explaining why well raised red meat can actually save your health AND the planet.

In addition, I'd highly recommend my friend Paul Saladino's book, The Carnivore Code, which is fantastic, and explains all of profound health benefits and environmental benefits of eating a largely meat-based diet, and minimizing plants that can be triggering autoimmunity, poor digestion, and other health problems.

Lastly for today, on this topic of plant-based foods or vegan foods, I have a few articles below to remind you of how you can DESTROY your health by eating vegan.  It's a serious issue that most vegan followers don't even truly understand the ramifications of... but I've seen it hundreds of times...

Anybody I know that's gone vegan generally ends up having severe digestive issues, losing their hair, malnourishment, thyroid issues, losing most of their muscle, and just plain looking sickly and frail. They tend to AGE a lot faster because of the malnutrition. But they can't even see how they're destroying their health because they're so brainwashed by the vegan community that spews out nothing but lie after lie, all based on emotions instead of science.  It's sad really.  They think they're doing the right thing by saving animals, but they're actually HARMING HUMANS with their terrible advice. 

Plus, it's important to get the word out that for CHILDREN or toddlers that a vegan diet can cause permanent brain damage, lack of development of the brain, harm to the immune system, and lots of other developmental problems, so this is another reason it's VERY important we dispell all of this vegan propaganda that goes around these days, because it's harming people in a serious way.”

Some other material critical of the fanatical Greenie faith of veganism are:



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