The Oblivion Agenda By Brian Simpson

     Mike Adams has a new site devoted to the global conspiracy to kill us deplorables off, the “oblivion agenda”:

    Nothing beats a grand conspiracy linking it all together:

“This lecture series, which is strongly rooted in science and scientific explanations, covers:
•    The terraforming of planet Earth via deliberate pollution of the skies through two programs: SCoPEx (funded by Bill Gates) and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI).
•    The planned collapse of all global food webs by dimming the sun and impairing photosynthesis.
•    How the SCoPEx project would drop lead on all food crops and water sources across the planet, resulting in the mass poisoning of humanity (which is the goal).
•    Why Earth has cosmic value to non-Earth civilizations.
•    How the annihilation of human beings is already under way and being accelerated through both “soft kill” and “hard kill” vectors.
•    How it’s all being justified as a way to “save the planet” and stop “global warming.”
•    The promotion of cannibalism by left-wing globalists, insisting that humans will need to eat corpses to save the planet.
•    The existence of Faster-Than-Light (FTL) technology and exactly how it works to travel faster than the speed of light without violating the laws of physics.
•    Why the speed of light is not a constant (and how the NIST cheated by defining it as a constant).
•    How vaccines are engineered to cause infertility, spontaneous abortions and death.
•    How the food and water supplies are laced with chemicals to interfere with cognition in order to dumb everybody down.
•    The end goals of terraforming planet Earth, and a detailed reverse engineering of the type of exobiologicals who would be compatible with the terraforming end points. (Hint: It’s not us.)
•    Cosmic economics, including competition, territory, conflict, logistics and the harvesting of energy from pulsars.
•    Understanding FTL travel, the value of energy, the pace of empire expansion, the importance of “space lanes” and other details about the reality of a complex universe filled with life.
•    How Earth can easily detect FTL travel from non-Earth ships. And why those ships would almost certainly resemble asteroids and space rocks.”

     The bit that interests me as a science teacher, even more than our threatened annihilation, which we know anyway, is the stuff about faster than light travel, which is something Big Al’s theory of relativism, sorry, relativity would preclude, so I am keen to see how that one plays out.

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Thursday, 20 February 2020
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