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The “Not Smart Department” By Bruce Bennett

     Do you get annoyed during movies when the hero, or villain, does the Hollywood speech, looks to the camera, thus allowing the opponent to get the drop on him? It is called entertainment, and plot armour, but in real life we would call it “suicidal telegraphing.” In boxing, beginning an attack with a long wind up circular punch gives the game away. It happens in politics too, with often disastrous results:

“Bechir Rabani infiltrated Antifa and threatened to expose Soros before he died Bechir Rabani vowed to expose George Soros before he died an investigative journalist, who went undercover to infiltrate violent leftist groups such as Antifa, has been found dead shortly after he vowed to expose billionaire globalist, George Soros.33-year-old Bechir Rabani was a hugely popular Swedish independent reporter, well known for his daring exposés. He was found dead at his home on Friday night in “suspicious circumstances” according to Police. He was working on an investigation into radical leftist mainstream journalist Robert Aschberg and his connection to George Soros funded extremist organizations when he was killed. Shortly before he died, Rabani had revealed he was about to lift the lid on mass corruption that linked Soros and Aschberg.Culture Wars reports: Bechir Rabani gained popularity when he tried to confront Expressen’s (left wing newspaper) editor in chief Thomas Mattson and journalist Diamant Salihu in their homes in Stockholm.”

     Now, nobody here is accusing anybody of anything, we just report, and readers make up their own mind, and we always try to toss in mainstream sites as source reference. But, wouldn’t it have been nice if this guy was just a little bit more discrete in his investigative journalism? How long would he have lasted as an underground cop? Anyway, I am sure that the conspiracy hypotheses are all barking up the wrong gum tree, just like all of the accusations made about the Clintons, which could hardly be true. Could they? Could they?

     We could go on all day, but you get the general idea.



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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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