The Nordics of Ancient Egypt By Brian Simpson

     One of the issues never touched by nationalist groups is the survival of sub-racial groups within the white race, such as Nordics, although Alpines/Slavs and Mediterraneans are given more freedom to support their kind. This is seen to create a “division.” Yet, if races are worth preserving, then sub-races are as well and all of the arguments used to defend races can be applied to the sub-racial nihilists, seeking to create their oppressive form of homogeneity. This follows from a general critique of diversity:

     Nordics are most under attack, and in fact most of the pc bs we encounter is designed to bring down Northern European people and their descendants, who lack racial immunity to the disease of modernity. One aspect of fighting back, and tribal survival, is to re-establish historical links. Thus, it was once held that ancient civilisations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome had a Nordic foundation. This idea was attacked by the same group of equalitarian “intellectuals” who attacked the idea that races existed, screaming “racism.” Still, even though the politically correct now rule the institutions, some counter-elements still sometimes reach the surface:

“TUTANKHAMUN’S great-grandmother may have had blonde hair, after footage showed her tomb being opened for the first time in years. Egyptian noblewoman Tjuyu – who is believed to have died in 1375 BC – is most widely known as being the great-grandmother of legendary pharaoh Tutankhamun. Her tomb was found in 1905 – 18 years before Tut’s – but it has rarely been opened. In Channel 5 documentary The Nile: Egypt’s Great River,  historian Bettany Hughes was given the chance to witness such an occasion at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Footage from tonight’s episode shows experts lifting the lid off Tjuyu’s tomb to reveal her incredibly-well preserved body. “She’s so tiny and so perfect,” Bettany exclaims. The presenter then notices something strange, the “strawberry-blonde” hair of the mummified body. Ancient Egyptians have historically been portrayed as having brown hair. But Egyptologist Salima Ikram explained it may not all be as it seems. “We’re not 100% sure [if that is her original hair],” she said. “But when you use natrons for mummification, it acts like a bleach.” This substance could mean her true hair colour was lightened to give it a blonde-look. It wasn’t the only fascinating detail that was revealed of Tjuyu’s appearance.”

     The evidence for Nordics among the Ancient Egyptian rulers has been set forth in a book by Arthur Kemp, The Children of RA:



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Thursday, 29 July 2021
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