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The Non-Citizen Entry Ban By James Reed

     The ban now imposed by Scott Morrison upon non-citizens entering Australia, effectively gives us a taste of what an end to immigration would be like. An improvement in living conditions for ordinary Australia, less pollution from excessive cars, the faint possibility of developing a sense of community and identity. The list goes on. So, given that we have had a taste of clean nationalist living, as God meant it to be, how about keeping the ban on forever? Make Australia a nation again instead of an immigration collection pond. Just dreaming.

“All foreign nationals will now be banned from entering Australia due to the coronavirus pandemic. Scott Morrison during Thurday’s press conference. Scott Morrison has hardened the closure of the nation’s borders, after earlier this week forcing all new entrants into Australia to self-isolate for 14 days. All Australian citizens, residents and direct family members will still be able to enter the country, but will have to self-isolate. “We have already seen a significant reduction in the travel to Australia by non- citizens,” the Prime Minister said in Canberra. “We believe it is essential to take a further step to ensure we are now no longer allowing anyone, unless they are a citizen or resident or direct family member.”



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Tuesday, 07 July 2020
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