The New Fake Left Politics of Australia Day By James Reed

     There are a large number of sites repeating the usual propaganda, that Australia Day is a celebration of genocide. Taken to its logical conclusion, this must mean that Australia is irreparably based on genocide, right from the beginning. What do the lobbies want done about this? Perhaps, as I have read, all Euro-Australians go back to Europe, and leave all the goodies for the people who were forced to abandon tribal ways and live in modernity.     Now I am not a man of hate, and will take this suggestion seriously. One problem: no one will want us. Europe does not want white people, because it is not a white entity. So, what should the guilt-ridden whites do? Commit suicide? Surely that would be seen as taking the easy way out. Work until death to pay reparations? Perhaps. It is not clear what should be done. … Wait, I know, how about complete surrender of sovereignty to China? You know, dissolve the constitution and literally become part of China, if they would want us. Would the lobby like this instead, if traditional Australia is so “racist”? How about Chinese communism? Yes, oh guilt-ridden liberals, go for that one! China will know how to deal with your trendy existential politically correct angst. Submerge yourselves in the Oneness of Asia.

     Some thoughts on how the Left have hijacked Australia Day for their cultural Marxist agenda are given by filmmaker and entrepreneur Richard Wolstencroft.

     Fortunately, as noted by our friends at Reduce Immigration, the vast majority of Australians, still support Australia Day, and reducing immigration. Indeed, unless immigration is reduced, one day, this will not be so. But, since there will no longer be an “Australia,” there will be nothing to celebrate anyway. 



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Friday, 18 September 2020
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