The Myth of a Gay Greece By Mrs Vera West

     We have been told that homosexuality was a vibrant part of ancient Greek culture. But, was it? What proof is there of this? Adonis Georgiades in Homosexuality in Ancient Greece: The Myth is Collapsing (2004): 

     He has conducted an extensive review of sources including Greek mythology the works of Athenian poets, vase illustration, the laws of Athens and Sparta as described by classical authors such as Plutarch, and various law suits. His general conclusion is that Greek culture viewed homosexuality in a generally negative light. I will not go into deals about all of this here, not being knowledgeable in classics, but will be content to mention the issue and give references for readers with more time on their hands to run to ground. Ancient Greece, therefore, cannot be used as a poster child for the politically correct agenda of today.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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