The Migrant-Based Social Breakdown of Australia By James Reed

     An academic industry exists in Australian universities, when they are not receiving blood money from the defence industry, or even when they are, to promote the joys of diversity. Much like the double standard in proclaiming their commitment to harmony and peace, while taking the money of the weapons industry (not in itself a bad thing from our perspective, but inconsistent with their politically correct Leftoid worldview), there is the double standard of diversity. Pluralism and diversity by definition always improve a society, because, well, Anglo Saxons are evil and must be demographically displaced. How else to make sense of the mantra running through the sewerage pumped daily into the minds of vulnerable students, at tax payer’s expense, that pre-1947 Australia was intrinsically flawed and only migration, and ultimate complete Asianisation can save the soul of the nation, hallelujah.

     Yet, with this academic narrative, which has generated jobs for substandard low IQ academics, we find stories of old hard reality, of the real world on the streets, outside the protected walls of the child care centre of the modern university:

“The death of a South Sudanese teenager in Melbourne's CBD was a "tragic and needless" loss of young life, but indicative of a "major law and order problem" in Victoria, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has said. As police searched for the killer of 19-year-old Laa Chol on Sunday, Mr Dutton linked the death to what he claimed were wider problems with crime in Victoria. "This is a tragic and needless loss of a young life," he said in a statement to Fairfax Media. "There is a major law and order problem in Victoria and more people are going to be hurt until the rule of law is enforced by the Victorian Government. "We don’t have these problems with Sudanese gangs in NSW or Queensland." Mr Dutton's comments come days after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull renewed the debate over crime among African-Australian youths. Mr Turnbull said on July 17 there was "real concern about Sudanese gangs" in Melbourne, repeating Mr Dutton's claims from January that residents were scared to go out to dinner due to street crime. His comments drew angry rebukes from Victoria's African leaders, who accused Mr Turnbull of using the state's South Sudanese diaspora as a "political football".

     Ok, the debate-stopping “racism” word is about to be used, and all Anglo types will collapse to the ground, rolling around in pain, like they have kidney stones the size of footballs. The guilt! The guilt! Out, damned spot, as Lady Macbeth said. Best be quiet about it all. Move silently, always looking over one’s shoulder, in the modern urban jungle, as society crumbles.   But, can this whole process be done quickly please, and not by the death of a thousand cuts?

“But I think something like 50% to 60% of the electorate in the West, including many people who are themselves from immigrant backgrounds, know that the globalist project of continuous mass immigration for endless economic growth and gain has hit a wall of cold hard reality. Even Bernie Sanders is against it (!), labelling Open Borders a "Koch brothers idea" aimed at delivering the cheap, non-unionised labour Capitalist fat cats love. Rather that promoting the much touted illusion of "diversity," multiculturalism, with its attendant globalisation, in fact creates the very hatreds and racisms it is supposedly fighting. It does this through the fragmentation of society and culture, higher unemployment, wage competition with cheap uneducated labour, falling standards of living, and the dissolution of the Middle Class—the key class of social stability. It also introduces a long list of "social irritants," including rising crime and sexual malfeasance of various hues. All this not only plants and gestates racisms and hatreds, but also festers and ferments them. The fact that the system then claims to be opposed to the same adds a final, bitter twist. In short, the multicultural globalist agenda is racism.”

     On a tangent, we have this:

     Wow, this young Jewish guy is simply amazing, destroying the white libtard Leftoids with ease. Brains and muscles.



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Saturday, 27 November 2021
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