The Magical Mystery Internet Alt Right tour By the Sixth Beetle, Uncle Len

At long last! I have finally been allowed to surf the net, using protection, and I am almost like the other cool kids who write hard-hitting journalism for this site, give or take, brain damage.
 Here, for your reading pleasure, is a quick round-up, or down,  of some of the absurdities of the week in the news, which can be briefly mentioned, almost in a list fashion, but which do not require much comment, since they wear their absurdity on their face. I, too, wear my absurdity on my face. And, why does Microsoft Word keep saying that I have no knowledge of sentence structure and grammar, when it is clear to even blind Freddy, especially him, that I am a master of onomatopoeia and other literal literary effects? What is a “passive voice” and why exactly should we care?

The real president of the United States seems to be Jared Kushner, who is married to Trump’s daughter. He is backed by George Soros:, so the case can be made that George Soros is the real president of the United States. So why waste time, money, and hope on elections? Just pull back the curtain and let’s all see the dictatorship for what it is. Go play more golf, Don.

This all makes sense, since, as Mr. Putin has told us, 95 percent of all world terrorist attacks are orchestrated by the CIA: Strange, I would have thought that the figure would have been higher, like 100 percent.

Stranger still, Crump has gone back on yet another election promise of branding China as a currency manipulator, because, well, not because of any change in their currency manipulation, but because they are allegedly helping Trump with dealing with North Korea: Hands up anyone who understands the logic in that policy? Maybe the Left is right about this Trumpet guy being, well, intellectually challenged: Go ahead, impeach him with all the other peaches! Wheel out the real president!

Did you know that the English language itself is “sexist”? According to one US academic feminist, the whole thing is a construction by white male supremacists, and big changes will be needed to meet politically correct standards: I can’t wait for the feminists to discover that languages such as French and Spanish are “gendered’ and have masculine and feminine aspects. Time to put all languages in the rubbish bin, and communicate via gentle strokes and pats on the back.

Multicultural harmony is a truly previous thing. In Scotland, for example, use of sectarian language could lead to five years in gaol: I had to Google that one, and it took five minutes to get a definition that Ai could understand. Sectarianism refers to group differences, so it includes just about everything. It is the next big thing to come as the elites in Australia make section 18 C even more oppressive. Thanks Nick NXT, Greenies and the independent whose name I forget, for keeping  the  section 18 C monster alive! We will work it out at the next election, and I will not forget. By then I would have looked up your name, too.

It can get worse: the Swedish prime minister has posed with the African rapist of an 80-year old woman: It is good to seek forgiveness and turning of the other cheek. The reformed killer may even enter politics, and one day could become Minister for Aged Care. Never doubt the miracles that the Multicult can perform.

Some though, do momentarily doubt the power of the Multicult. One study of Austrian Islamic kindergartens claimed that they created “parallel societies” and produced future home-grown radicals: Shocking nationalists types immediately ceased on the results. Fortunately, an undercover reporter putting on a veil and visiting a kindergarten, and finding no evidence of any bomb construction or radical behavior, soundly refuted the study.

Then we have these words from Michael Lucas, a gay pornographic film actor and director, who shockingly made comments about “barbarians” in a radio interview:
“I am referring to the Muslim world. To the world of Islam. We will not be able to change them but we have to protect our world and our way of life as vigorously as they protect their way of life. And yes immigration is a problem. Yes, on the left this is a very unpopular opinion. If we are taking (refugees and immigrants) we should not take from the pool of people that is so hostile to us. You know, people, they’re saying on the left, well, bring them here and they will enjoy our freedom and they will embrace gays. No, stay there, learn how to love gays and then come here.

But with all seriousness, Muslim immigration is a problem. They come here, they lobby, they bring hate. And that is not the right pool of people we should be taking from. That is very unfortunate but it would be terrible for refugees and it would be terrible for us because there will be a lot of hate. People don’t want really refugees from Muslim countries because it is such a different culture that will collide with our culture. They will radicalize much faster here and that is why I am very much against this immigration.” Source:
How will the antifa handle that one? Better put it in the “pc-too-hard- basket.” I, for one, am glad that gay porn kingpins are speaking up about diversity and all the trimmings.
The story of the week is the shocking violence displayed by big hairy “Nazi” thugs, which is all anti-globalists (,  against poor innocent antifa girls (,  peacefully protesting against…well, it used to be Trump, but now Shrump has become a neo con, they must be just protesting against anyone protesting about them protesting. It’s confusing now in this post-truth, post-everything world.

Hitting a girl, however sour, is just not manly, even if their own video seems to show that she threw the first punch. In fact, use of any violence, even in self-defence, can be argued to be immoral. Why, I have found a philosopher on the internet philosophy site, who uses magic, I mean logic, to prove it:   “The problem of self-defense, as the pacifist sees it, is this: Aggressor is threatening to take Victim’s life. Victim has the means to stop him, but it involves taking Aggressor’s life -killing him in self-defense. In the eyes of most, Victim is surely justified in killing Aggressor if that is the only way that he can save himself. But, the pacifist asks, why is he justified? If both Victim and Aggressor have a right to live (hence a right not to be killed), why is it permissible for Victim to kill Aggressor, yet impermissible for Aggressor to kill Victim? If Victim kills Aggressor, isn’t he guilty of the same action which Aggressor threatened to commit against him? See C. C. Ryan, “Self-Defense, Pacifism, and the Possibility of Killing,” Ethics, vol. 93, 1983, pp. 508-524, at p. 510.
Nobody, though, listens to me. Is it any wonder that I drink myself to death?



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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