The Magic Racism Laser Gun! The Ultimate Argument Nullifier By James Reed

     Here is a good article worth reading, about the inane smear by Leftists using “racism,” spraying it around like kiddies with a hose. The term is vague enough to cover virtually everything that the Leftist and globalist establishment do not like. Thus, even people like the late Professor Garrett Hardin, are slammed as “racist,” even though I don’t think the word “race” is mentioned in his ecological work dealing with immigration. No matter, if you can get the Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction going, then all well and good.

“In theory the concept of “racism” had potential. But the only reasonable definition of the term was that it referred to an irrational hatred of a racial or ethnic group in a world where many fears and hatreds, including group fears and hatreds, may be entirely rational. … Sadly, however, such an objectively unarguable definition of the term leads to some radical and—for ethnomasochist Whites—disturbing conclusions, namely that Whites, by and large, are seldom guilty of racism, while almost every other group is knee deep in it. But it seems that many Whites don't even want their group to be in the right with regard to racism. This is because what they really use the concept for is not to define their relations with other racial groups, but instead to intraracially define their relations with other Whites. Yes, in short, Whites mainly use racism to seek a moral authority and advantage over other Whites, with non-Whites playing what is mainly an auxiliary role. But now it seems Trump is ruining this cosy little set-up by changing racism from a cosy intraracial, White-on-White thing, where one White person angrily denounces another for "racissssssm!" to one where everybody bandies the word around all the time to everyone else—White on White, White on Black, Black on White, Black on Black on Hispanic on Asian, Asian on Black and White on X, Y, and Z ethnicity or religion—until you create a virtual spider’s web of cross accusations. For a long time White Conservatives and other Right-wingers laboured under the burden of being the term’s original targets. They resented the advantage that the R-word gave Leftist Whites over them, especially as this was an inversion of the moral superiority that right-wingers enjoyed over Left-wingers when moral inferiority was defined by sexual and toxicological incontinence.”

     The term “racism,” once had meaning, but through over-extension, has now become so distorted that it is meaningless. If all Whites are racist, then however the term is non-circularly defined, everybody could be proved to be racist. Even moral virtue signalling becomes pointless then. And, it is anyway.

World War III, A Coming By James Reed
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Monday, 20 January 2020
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