The Lying Mainstream Media By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     The mainstream media had it that Trump’s initial Tulsa speech was a disaster, because less than expected numbers turned up. I did not attend, not wishing to face disease infested antifa at the entrance, and it seems thousands also felt like me. TV coverage was high though, and Biden’s show was even emptier!

“Lower attendance, which the Dem/MSM complex wants you to believe means Trump’s support is dissipating, doesn’t mean Trump’s base won’t show up at the polls. There would good reasons for not attending:

•    Fear of catching the Chinese Virus;
•    The possibility of dangerous protestors;
•    One gate was temporarily blocked thanks to demonstrators (my niece was working at that gate when it happened);
•    Dirty tricks by Trump foes who booked tickets and didn’t show up. [TikTok Teens and K-Pop Stans Say They Sank Trump Rally, by Taylor Lorenz, Kellen Browning and Sheera Frenkel, New York Times, June 21, 2020].

Because of the extraordinary hype about registration, people were probably afraid of not getting in, a real risk at Trump rallies. It’s simply not true that the 19,199-seat arena was only one-third full [Trump Rally Filled Less Than a Third of Arena: Protest Wrap, DNYUZ, June 21,2020]. The tweet that accompanied this video says the enthusiasm of 2015 is gone, but the images suggest the arena was two-thirds full.  This photo , focusing on the mostly empty upper tier, was deceptively featured on the increasingly tiresome Drudge Report. The Hill reported that fewer than 6,200 attended the rally, an estimate based on the fire marshal’s tally of scanned tickets [Tulsa Fire Department says Trump rally attendance was about 6,200, by Justin Wise, June 21, 2020]. But when I entered, no one scanned my phone, which raises the obvious question of how many others weren’t scanned. A Trump campaign put the figure at 12,000, The Hill’s Wise reported, which comports with The New York Times’s estimate that the seats were “at least one-third empty,” meaning at least two-thirds could have been full [Trump Rally Fizzles as Attendance Falls Short of Campaign’s Expectations, by Michael D. Shear, Maggie Haberman, Astead W. Herndon, New York Times, June 20, 2020]. An aside: TikTok’s owner is a Chinese tech tycoon. Will  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others crowing about the “Tik Tok teens” who sabotaged the event be investigated for colluding with a foreign government to influence a U.S. presidential election? There were a number of speakers before Trump's speech.  The invocation was delivered by Dr. Alveda King (niece of MLK), there was a flag salute and the national anthem. Several Oklahomans spoke, as did Diamond and Silk, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Lara Trump and Eric Trump. Vice President Mike Pence delivered an address—full YouTube video here—with a fairly courageous comment, which was met with chants of “Build the Wall.” Pence noted that police are among the finest Americans and directly denounced the Floyd Riots: “There’s no excuse for what happened to George Floyd, but there’s also no excuse for the rioting, looting, and violence that followed.” My conclusion: Trump still has good political instincts and he showed in Tulsa he can still connect with his base. What he needs is the discipline to put together a campaign based on those instincts, to appeal to the undecided voters who don’t like what’s going on in our country. The clock is ticking. Less than five months to go…”

     Well that cheered me up a bit. The thought of a Biden presidency is a thousand times worse that even Hillary Clinton with her claws on the little red button, and I did not know how the Democrats could strive to top that low, but they have, and what happens in the US will decide Australia’s fate in a China world as well!



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Sunday, 13 June 2021
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