The Liberal Road to Ruin by James Reed

The Weekend Australian, February 25-26, 2017, has a big spread on the crisis in the Liberals. First, there was the cover story about Tony Abbott’s continuing criticisms of Malcolm Turnbull, where he sees Mal as lacking the conservative values to lead the party. On this line of thought, there will be a continuous drift of voters to One Nation, and the Liberal party will be doomed.

On this, I first note that Abbott showed himself to be lacking in basic conservative, let alone liberal values. He did not pursue his promise to axe section 18 C, cowardly caving in to the ethno-multicult lobby. Why should anyone therefore listen to him? He is yesterday’s man.

Second, the collapse of the Liberal Party would be painful for old conservatives in the green leafy suburbs who fear Labor more, but this may be historically necessary. The Liberals do not defend Traditionalist values and only differ from Labor by degree. On issues such as immigration, multiculturalism and same sex marriage, economic globalisation, and many other issues, they do not differ from Labor. Indeed, regarding the TTP, Labor was better than the Liberals, in opposing this globalist take-over bid. The traitorous Liberals fell over themselves for a lick of globalism.

The problem is that conservativism has become melded to global capitalism, free markets and libertarianism, and all of this is destructive of Traditional values and community. Thus, John Howard happily allowed massive Asian immigration, especially of an elite class, as detailed by Peter Wilkinson in The Howard Legacy: The Displacement of Traditional Australia from the Professional and Managerial Classes: The result of Howard’s legacy is the creation of a ruling Chinese class of elites.

Some conservatism; it is something that the Left long for. Thus, I for one, hope that the present crisis of Australian conservatism leads to the demise of the Liberals and the rise of Traditionalists. It will be a painful, but necessary path because at present we are on the road to ruin.



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