The Legal Status of Weeds By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Just as white people re beginning to lose their rights, others are set to catch them, such as plants and animals, in the great pendulum of history:

“University of Sydney research probing into the “moral, legal and political status” of animals and the environment has been slammed as “out of touch”, prompting questions over who is funding the study. A team of 14 university researchers studying “Multispecies Justice”, claim to explore rights for those that are “more than human” as part of the University of Sydney’s broader FutureFix program they themselves have dubbed as “counterintuitive”, as stated on their website. “Justice is typically thought to be the preserve of humans, and advocacy has sought to ensure all humans are subjects of justice,” researchers wrote on the university’s website. “But harms inflicted on animals and the environment are coming to be understood as injustices.”

The 14 researchers claim they are working to reconceptualise justice to accommodate “the vast breadth of the multispecies world” in an issue the University deems is of “global importance”, according to the University of Sydney website. The university today defended the research, stating that many legal systems and scholars see harms inflicted on animals and the environment as a form of injustice. “The project is examining what justice across the human and natural world might entail,” a spokesperson for the University told The Australian. “It will provide a rigorous academic forum for those views to be researched, analysed and debated.” “The FutureFix research themes were established to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems... We require counterintuitive thinking to address the deep complexities involved,” the spokesperson said. However, Institute of Public Affairs Western Civilisation director Dr Bella d’Abrera said the project demonstrated the University was out of touch with real problems faced by Australians. “The fact that they genuinely believe multispecies justice to be a global problem reveals the massive divide between the real world and the academy,” Dr d’Abrera told The Daily Telegraph. “The same people who want to kill cows to stop climate change now want to give wombats the vote.”

The broader FutureFix program the research claims to be a part of is described on the website as “relevant, engaged, solution fixed — and often counterintuitive”, attracting research from international academics around the world. The University of Sydney will also host researchers from California, Alabama and parts of India to speak at their Multispecies Justice symposium in June to workshop topics including the “political status” of animals. “This is utter madness … Australian taxpayers need to be made aware that their hard earned dollars are funding such frivolous and irrelevant research,” Dr d’Abrera said.”

     Give wombats the vote? Haven’t they already done this?! I thought that the wombats were teaching in the universities! Anyway, we need to ask here who benefits from this nonsense, and we can be sure it will not ultimately be the cuddly, furry creatures, but some group of power elites using all of this for their diabolical agenda.



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Friday, 05 March 2021
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