The Legal Lessons from Brad Pitt by Ian Wilson LL.B

It is no surprise that the marriage between cosmopolitans Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is over, and wedding bells are being replaced by divorce court palpitations: He is apparently looking thinner and worried, and who would not be when facing a divorce.

From what I can gather, Pitt and Jolie had an “ironclad’ prenuptial agreement:, and Pitt’s worries are about access to the children. But many men, and a growing number of women, face the threat of losing much of their wealth from a divorce by not having a prenuptial agreement. Even family trusts, stitched up after a marriage, can in principle be undone.

Today, in the present battlefield, it is wise to get legal advice before marriage. But, as always, many will be too scared to raise the issue: if you really loved me, you would not be contemplating even the possibility of divorce! When one hears that it is time to think about whether or not marriage is a good idea: if you loved me then you would be open to a prenuptial agreement, just as having home insurance does not mean that you want your house and contents to burn down: It is just an insurance policy.



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Monday, 26 October 2020
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