The Legacy of President Donald J. Cuck By Charles Taylor

     So, Trump has backed down and caved in on the government shutdown, which, by the way, showed how useless governments are, and what a taste of tax payer’s money occurs. The media of the elites is saying that the Democrats broke Trump, and of course they are wrong, for the man was broken from the beginning, one of the “hollow men” referred to by T. S. Eliot in his famous poem.

     Clearly Trump lied to the long-suffering Americans who voted for him. There was no intension of building any wall, or stopping the processes that will end America. His whole legacy of “making a deal” and compromise, is completely inconsistent with a wartime battle to the finish. Trump should therefore be seen as the American president who failed the most. Or, perhaps his real agenda was to enable the next anti-American president to arise, and finish the job that Obama started. Well, get on with it. Hopefully Americans still have the revolutionary spirit and will not submit to the total tyranny that is a heartbeat away.

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Monday, 06 April 2020
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