The Left Will Bury the Universities By James Reed

     Conservative sites usually carry at least one post each day about the gross politically correct absurdities occurring in US universities. Here, for example is one lament that I found today in my normal four hour march across the swamp wastelands of the web:

“The hard left now controls not only higher education, but also much of scientific research upon which the future of humanity as we know it depends. What began in 1969 as the establishment of a single course in Women’s Studies at Cornell University and similar courses elsewhere in what then were called Black Studies has metastasized into a monster that almost completely dominates higher education in the United States and Canada. Today, it is rare to find a college or university that does not have majors and programs in Identity Studies. This long march of feminists and racialists from near-obscurity to absolute-dominance is compared to the rise of Snopes family created by author William Faulkner in his 1940 novel, The Hamlet.

In Faulkner’s book, the Snopeses move into the Mississippi community of Frenchman’s Bend and slowly take over nearly all aspects of life. Even though the locals seem to understand what is taking place, they are seemingly helpless because they heard the rumor that people that made a Snopes unhappy would have their barns burned to the ground. In campus politics, the activists did not threaten to burn only the barns but rather the entire college campus. Anyone in higher education that might allegedly say or write something that offends someone in a politically-protected group is likely to be the focus of the infamous Twitter Mob, and even a distinguished career and something as prestigious as a Nobel Prize offers no cover, as Tim Hunt found out. For that matter, truth itself is no defense, as we found out in the infamous Duke Lacrosse Case.”

     Surely, the take home lesson from this is that if the Left controls the universities, then one needs to consider strategies, such as whether or not the penetration is so deep that the universities cannot be won back, or that the cost of such a battle would be too high? My position is that the cost is too high to fight back, since the entire institution is rotten to the core. This was bound to happen sooner or later because the very name – university – smacks of universalism and globalism, and there has always been this element to these organisations. Thus, while most conservatives lament about the Left destroying the universities, I see this as the logical conclusion of a historical process. With the internet, online learning can fast replace the existing universities. Better lectures on all science and mathematics topics exist even on YouTube, all free. Universities are costly institutions, which are socially cancerous and in need of replacement. Their time has long passed.



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Saturday, 27 November 2021
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