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The Left Chatterers; Homophobic if it Suits Them! By Charles Taylor

     Remember all of those rape victims challenging Bill Clinton, and how the progressives did not believe them? Remember Hillary Clinton’s response during the 2016 presidential debates when Trump brought some of them to sit in the front row? Well, the US progressives, who have moved to even deeper levels of insanity over the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment, and the rolling, continuously discredited accusations of “rape,” have moved to support the idea that the accusers must be believed, by definition, because they are women, and Kavanaugh is a white male, and all white males are evil, and must disappear from the face of the Earth:

     This double standard also can be seen in the chatterers turning to use crude anti-homosexual jokes and insults against  Senator Lindsey Graham, for giving a fiery speech defending Brett Kavanaugh. These are the same progressives that support gay marriage and other progressive causes, but will resort to hurling whatever is at hand when it suits them. They have moral credibility, no consistency, and we have cases of so-called socialists, behaving like the worst of caricature capitalists:

     Some chatterers have said that America needs a revolution:

     Of course, they are right, and there is a good case to be made that civil war has already begun, in a one sided way. Where else can this sh** hole (as President Trump might say) go, but down, down, down? At some point, a wooden framed building becomes so dilapidated by the actions of its white ants that it cannot but fall:

     The writers over at American Renaissance seem to think that white liberals will wake up to the problems of civilisational collapse, because of biological survival imperatives:

     These folk, who champion the supposed higher IQs of East Asians (so why bother supporting whites at all?), apparently have not thought through issues of white pathology and self-destructive altruism, if not outright craziness, perhaps arising from a gene for race suicide, if not total destruction:



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Friday, 03 July 2020
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