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The Left and South African Genocide By Bruce Bennett

     I would not mind anti-racism if it really was that, a quest for justice and fairness for everybody. But, only lip service is given to this moral ideal, while, using the sociology of knowledge, and asking who in power benefits, we can see that like feminism, although looking good on paper, in reality only the globalist elites have their insane interests satisfied. The Left in opposing actions to halt the genocide of South African whites are not being inconsistent with their real core philosophy. It was never a question of universal fairness and rightfulness. That was used for the wider agenda of levelling Western civilisation. That claim might have been dismissed as conspiratorial ravings, but for the fact that the Left in their protests are now chanting “no USA at all,” and by implication, no West. The advocation of open borders, and no gaols, amounts to the same globalist nihilism, as does the following acid attacks on police by illegal invaders:

     No USA or West will mean their own death, so Leftism is nothing more than a form of nihilism, that will ultimately self destruct, hopefully without taking our kind down with it: 



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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